How are students suspected of a 504 disability identified?

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LCPS is required to identify and locate qualified students with disabilities under Section 504 who reside in the school division. LCPS must refer a student for an evaluation for possible services if the student, because of disability, needs or is believed to need such services. 

Anyone, including parents, teachers, administrators, or a school-based team, can refer a child if they suspect a disability.  Referrals will be accepted in written, electronic, or oral form for children suspected of having a disability. A Multi-Purpose Referral Form is available at the school and completed by the person initiating the referral. The referring source must explain the reasons that an evaluation is requested and any efforts that have been made to address the concerns.  

Referrals are made to the child's school principal or designee. The principal or designee will schedule a meeting generally within ten (10) business days upon receipt of the referral and will notify the parent(s) of the meeting date and time to discuss the referral and determine whether to evaluate.