Filming a Journey Through Hallowed Ground

There was no red carpet or paparazzi, but it was a film premiere nonetheless.

Students who participated in Journey Through Hallowed Ground’s Extreme Journey Camp debuted four short films for family members on Friday, July 26th, at Smart’s Mill Middle School.

The films were produced over the two-week period that students attended the summer camp.

Journey Through Hallowed Ground is the historical area that stretches between Gettysburg and Monticello.  The extreme journey part comes from the manner in which middle school students interact with this historic landscape during camp.  Students hike, bike and boat through the region.   While they are exploring important landmarks, the students also study the concept of leadership and how it was demonstrated by historic figures at each of the sites.

The students were challenged to feature three leaders and address their leadership qualities in the films.  In “Water Bottle Time Machine,” for example, a student traveled back in time to visit a lock keeper named Sam at the C&O Canal, John Brown at Harper’s Ferry and a slave named Ursula Granger at Monticello. 

After each film was shown, the student producers answered questions from the audience about their historical figures or their artistic decision-making.  At the conclusion of the screening, students were recognized with certificates.  Each award was named for a local historical figure and highlighted a key leadership trait shared by the historical figure and the camper who received the honor.

Blaine Horton is the camp director.  Instructors for Session Two were Zach Gargan and Derek Kaufman of Mercer Middle School.