PBL Open House at Goshen Post

Goshen Post Elementary, Loudoun County Public Schools’ first Project-Based Learning (PBL) Design School held an open house on Friday, January 25th.

LCPS Superintendent Dr. Eric Williams, members of his cabinet, instructional directors and elementary principals from throughout the school division visited Goshen Post to see students completing projects based on a driving question growing out of an issue that could affect them and their community. In addition, Dr. Larry Shifflett, assistant superintendent of innovation and learning for Rockingham County Public Schools, and administrators and teachers from Mountain View Elementary School and John C. Myers Elementary School, also in Rockingham County, attended the event.

The visiting educators observed PBL classroom activities and took part in roundtable discussions.

Second-graders showed their visitors the work they’ve been doing with weather.

Students researched the various kinds of weather that affect their immediate surroundings and collected data on weather trends and how they change through the seasons. The second-graders collaborated with fourth-graders, who have studied and made weather tools.

Using this information, the second-graders will create a combination survival kit/weather guide for people who are moving into the community. 

Third-graders demonstrated a project through which they are producing a new school design. Third grade classes studied the architecture and culture of China, Greece, Egypt and Rome to identify items that could be included in a new school in their area. 

These projects incorporated elements of science, language arts, math, art and social science.