Hillside Ocean Expo Spotlights Learning

From the soft sounds of ocean waves lapping against the shore, you might think you were at the beach.

But the sounds of the sea were emanating from the smart board in a fifth-grade classroom during Hillside Elementary School’s Ocean Expo.

Students in the five fifth-grade classes showcased both the amazing features of the ocean as well as their learning about it. Students shared presentations and experiments with their family members on Tuesday, December 18th.  One classroom even included an ocean photo booth where students and their guests pretended to be sea creatures. In another classroom, crepe paper jelly fish dangled their tentacles from the ceiling.

The scope of topics covered at the Ocean Expo was almost as vast as the ocean itself.  Topics included:

  • What causes tides
  • Geographical features of the ocean floor
  • How islands are formed
  • The benefits of oceans, including food, jobs and oxygen
  • The characteristics of specific oceans
  • The role of plankton
  • The impact of oil spills
  • The effect of global warming on the polar ice cap
  • The impact of salinity


Hillside’s fifth-grade teachers are Lisa Beckett, Jacqueline Bush, Joanna Carlson, Rebecca Denno and Joseph Fortunato.