Waterford Goes Ornamental

During the instruction for their lesson on needs and wants, Waterford kindergarten teacher Jessica Pack had her students watch a short video about a girl who sold lemonade to buy her mother a hair clip. 

During the discussion afterward, the students talked about doing the same kind of project.  After Pack explained students would not be allowed to sell food or drink items, they decided they could make and sell ornaments.  But, what would they do with any money they earned? At first, the students wanted to purchase hair clips for their mothers, just like the girl in the video.  Then they decided to purchase toys for boys and girls who may not have any/many.

For two days, they painted and assembled ornaments and made posters to advertise the sale. On the third day, they had the first of their three sale mornings. For 20 minutes before school started, the Kindergarteners (aided by some fifth-graders) set up a stand in the front hall and sold their ornaments for 50 cents each.  They nearly sold out of their inventory on the first day, so each day time was found to create more ornaments.

Pack’s class wound up selling more than 300 ornaments and made a total of $197.  They used $60 for supplies to make the ornaments and spent $135 on 13 toys, including dolls, Legos, board games and balls.

Representatives from the Hamilton Fire Department brought their fire truck to Waterford and the students explained their project before presenting the gifts to them for Toys for Tots.

The students learned about needs and wants, what inventory means and how you need to spend money on supplies in order to have something to sell. They also learned about advertising, how to be a good salesperson, how to make change and count money and how to think about what to purchase that would reach many children (do we buy one big item, or less expensive items to help more kids?).