Amazon Helps Catoctin Code

Fifth-grade students at Catoctin Elementary took part in an exciting Hour of Code experience led by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Friday, December 7th.

In each classroom, AWS mentors taught students the basics of coding. Students then programmed a virtual dance party on their personal devices. Throughout the guided experience, they could program their dancer to perform popular dance moves, add backup dancers, change the song or background and much more. Once they ran their lines of code, they saw their character “floss” or “dab” to a popular radio hit in the sequence they created.

The software was engaging and exciting for students. Each level had a clear set of directions and allowed the students to be independent coders. The AWS mentors helped students who had questions and taught them coding vocabulary and real-world applications of using coding to problem-solve. Students received certificates for completing 13 levels of code that certified them as “Future Engineers” as well as stickers and T-shirts for answering questions or dancing.

AWS was represented by Jackie Cable, Josh Raeder, Matt Brown, Tyler Stepke, Jessica Revaz, Shabon Wertz, Mark Nelson, Jennifer Stachowiak, Merry Lloyd, Ren Merlos, Charles Hessifer, Zerman Hayat, Nick Baird, and Anthony Brown. Molly Agosta, Catoctin Elementary’s instructional facilitator for technology, helped facilitate this event.