Creighton’s Corner Leader Day

Special classes took center stage at the fourth annual Leader Day held on December 11th at Creighton’s Corner Elementary.

The program opened with musical performances.  The chorus performed, as did the Oompah Loompahs from the cast of “Willie Wonka Jr.,” the school’s upcoming drama performance.  Chloe Park, who will appear as Charlie Bucket in the show, spoke about how the Seven Habits impact the performing arts.

“We always need to work together and listen to our directors because they know what’s best for us…. We put first things first to learn our lines and to learn our choreography.  You always have to think about how the other characters are going to react to what your character is doing….  It wouldn’t be a performance if you didn’t work together.  It would be chaos on stage.”

The entire fifth grade supported four students in the performance of an original song about leadership.  The four boys approached Creighton’s Corner Principal Chris Knott about writing and performing the song.  After some encouragement and support, they performed the song to an accompaniment of xylophones, recorders, drums and background singers.  The music teachers at Creighton’s Corner are Mike Stine and Susan French.

Guests for the event then transitioned to the library, where fifth- grade speakers discussed their jobs within the school.  Their jobs included serving as safety patrols, being physical education helpers and acting as flag bearers.  When asked what would happen if the safety patrols weren’t on hand to assist with afternoon dismissal, the students said, “It would be a mess.”  Students also have jobs within their classrooms.  These classroom jobs include the transition crew, upkeep crew, tech crew and kindness crew.  The students explained that these jobs help them gain the self-control needed for the greater independence they will have in middle school.

“We’re supposed to do this our entire life, not just this itty-bitty part of elementary school,” one student explained.

Another group of students shared their Leadership Notebooks with visitors.  The notebooks highlight the student’s progress on academic subjects, as well as personal goals.  They noted the importance of their accountability partners in keeping them honest through the process.  They also thought the notebooks were important so that students knew, and could explain, how they were doing in school.  Students said that their teacher might meet with parents at conference time but that their student-led conferences were better. 

In the gym, students and guests played a game called “Derailed.”  The students had to construct a “train” using swim noodles to move a ball from one side of the gym to the other and drop it in a bucket.  The activity emphasized synergizing and problem-solving.  Creighton’s physical education teachers are Tim Burris, Mike Lansdowne and Kelly Van Benten.

Special guests included Del. John Bell (87th), Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Director of Elementary Education Dr. Mike Martin, Hunt District PTA District Director Jenna Alexander and Franklin-Covey Client Partner Darin Kenly.  LCPS principals Julia Burton, Robert Carter, Monica Edwards, Shawn Lyons, Lottie Spurlock and Michelle Walthour also were in attendance, along with teachers from several schools in both LCPS and neighboring counties.

Due to the school’s large enrollment this year, two Leader Days will be conducted.  This one featured students in grades three through five.  A second will be held on April 30th to allow students in kindergarten through second grade to showcase their leadership abilities.