Tuscarora Madrigal Dinner

Tuscarora High School held its first Madrigal Dinner on Saturday, December 1st.

Madrigal music is secular music from the time of the Renaissance. Tuscarora’s madrigals, maidens, knights and jesters performed songs that are indicative of that era.

During this time people gathered and composed a cappella music about their daily lives. All walks of life were involved in this singing: kings, queens, lords, ladies, peasants, knights and maidens. Tuscarora’s singers sang songs for the holiday season, such as Christmas carols, motets, madrigals and songs about the dinner.

Tickets for the Madrigal Dinner were $25, and fare included wassail, beverage, full roast beef dinner, Yorkshire pudding, figgy pudding and dessert. 150 people attended.

The Tuscarora madrigal group is the first in Loudoun County. The auditioned choirs were singers, servers and dressed in traditional costumes. Songs were intertwined with script. The high school’s brass octet provided fanfares and carols.