Pride Has Most Election Pages

Heritage High School was recently honored with the 2018 Student Election Page Achievement Award by the Loudoun County Office of Elections for having the most election pages – 34 – of any Loudoun County high school. 

Election pages work five-hour shifts helping citizens at polling places during Election Day; most recently on November 6th. The students are trained in election procedures, wear an election page T-shirt with a badge and sign an oath of office before being assigned to a polling place. Many of the shifts they work are very early in the morning. (The Office of Elections noted the pages’ service was particularly appreciated this year because of high voter turnout.)

In 2018, a record number (more than140) of Loudoun students served as election pages.

“In addition to receiving a certificate and a chance to obtain credit for community service, the experience gives the students something extra to put on college or job applications,” said Loudoun County Director of Elections and General Registrar Judy Brown. “This is an opportunity for our young people to have a front row seat to watch democracy in action. We strongly encourage our citizens to get involved and serve at a precinct.”

When election officials asked about the strangest encounter at a polling station, senior Sidney Meyer said someone quizzed her on the Constitution as she worked at Cool Spring Elementary.

Heritage students participating in the election program include:

Jack Adgate

Mustafa Ali

Steven Aung

Jason Baer

Alexander Bakon

Rohit Batra

Remy Chanthavisouk

Sean Cheng

Eli Cohen

Thomas Dean

Madeleine Dong

Nikolas Esposito

Carolin Fabian

Gabi Ganley

Rayna Jannes

Katie Karam

Gavin Kirkpatrick

William Koehler

Nicole Kragness

Briana Meehan

Sidney Meyer

Casey Newman

Audrey Overton

Trinity Pham

Layth Popp

Ian Powers

Jeremy Raecke

Zach Shapero

Rahul Sharma

Grace Sibley

Gurleen Singh

Peyton Sisson

Katherine Sage Sowell

Endre Szakal