Trail to the World Celebrates Project-Based Learning

Trailside Middle School held its annual celebration of project-based learning (PBL) on Tuesday, November 13th.

“Trail to the World” is a showcase of student-driven work across all subject areas.  Projects lined the school’s hallways and filled the gymnasium.  Parents were invited to the event to get a glimpse into the authentic, challenging problems students are solving.

Project titles included:

  • French is everywhere;
  • Girl Up Club: Advocating for girls’ education around the world;
  • Flipgrid peer video tutorials;
  • Companion books;
  • How environment affects Native-American adaptations;
  • Solving life’s problems;
  • How we plan to reduce the spread of viruses throughout Trailside;
  • Digital citizenship;
  • Sources of Strength: Unified Mental Health Team;
  • Citizenship and Naturalization: Should we expedite the process?;
  • Timberwolf TV: Student-run television;
  • Never trust an atom: They make up everything;
  • Budgeting using equations;
  • Creating a very mathematical coloring book;
  • Engineering towers in Tech Ed;
  • German holidays;
  • and Science passion projects.


Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Professional Learning Supervisor Bill Brazier attended the event and toured the exhibits with Trailside Principal Bridget Beichler.