Governor’s School Information Night

The parents of all Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) sophomores and juniors are invited to attend the Governor’s School Information Night from 7 to 8 p.m., Wednesday, October 3
rd, in the Stone Bridge High School auditorium.

Students also are welcome to attend.

This information night is being offered by the LCPS Gifted Department.

The Governor’s School program is an intensive four-week educational experience for gifted students. It takes place during July on college and university campuses throughout Virginia.

The Governor's School provides rising juniors and seniors with a program of instruction in visual and performing arts; engineering; humanities; mathematics, science and technology; agriculture; and health science and medicine. Students are encouraged to apply for the program beginning in mid-October. A student may apply for either academic or performing arts placement, but not both.

Student applications are reviewed by the student’s high school, which then submits the applications to the school division. The school division must then review and score the applications. The division is limited in the number of applications it may submit to the state. The Virginia Department of Education makes the final decision on selection of students admitted to the Summer Residential Governor's School.

The visual and performing arts selection process requires participation in both the LCPS adjudication and the Virginia Department of Education-sponsored adjudication.

There are three mentorship programs (Engineering at NASA/Langley Research Center, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Marine Science) associated with the Governor's School. These programs offer individualized student assignment to one or more researchers/graduate students or engineers. Selection is based on the match between mentors available during a specific summer and the skills, interests and experiences of the individual student.

Since 1987, the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has sponsored Governor’s World Language Academies, summer residential programs for Virginia's most motivated and talented foreign language students. The Governor’s Summer Residential World Language Academies include full-immersion academies in French, German, and Spanish; a partial-immersion Japanese Academy; and a Latin Academy.  Information about the World Language Academies will be shared with students at each high school by world languages teachers.  Please contact those teachers for more information.

Stone Bridge High School is located at 43100 Hay Road, Ashburn.