A 2-Wheeled Playground Equipment Donation

It isn’t every day that roaring motorcycles drive around the bus loop of a school, and it isn’t every day that the riders of those motorcycles arrive to a throng of cheering students.


Both happened Friday, August 24th, at Liberty Elementary.


The motorcycles were driven by members of the O-Six Ryderz Motorcycle Club. The club is made up of alumni from the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Their purpose is to enjoy riding motorcycles together and to continue their fraternity’s legacy of service in the community.


Chris Washington, one of the club’s founders, is the father of a first-year kindergarten teacher at Liberty, Bria Washington. Chris Washington and his fellow members sought to address a need at Liberty. This is the first year Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) has offered universal full-day kindergarten. There’s also a state mandate to provide more recess to students in the Commonwealth.


The O-Six Ryderz assembled tubs of recess supplies – balls, hula hoops, soccer goals, bubbles – and delivered them to Liberty’s students. Kindergarten students sat on the curb of the bus loop as five motorcycles pulled in and parked. The motorcycle club members spoke to the students and walked down the line for high fives. The students’ teachers held up a thank you banner for the motorcycle club. The banner was signed by each student.


The event was well-timed. Recess followed the motorcycle reception, so students went immediately to the playground to try out their new equipment.