Jones Comes Back to Her Passion

Harley riding.


Dr. Asia Jones does things with a passion.

“I live life as full as I possibly can and as giving as I possibly can. I do things so I don’t regret not having done it. I don’t want look back and say ‘Gee, I really wish I had done this or I had done that.’ (I want to) move forward wholeheartedly, dive in, give it my best. That’s rewarding for me…   

“I consider myself somewhat adventurous. That keeps us on our toes.”

Jones is returning to one of her passions as she becomes Loudoun County Public Schools’ assistant superintendent for pupil services on August 1st.  The assistant superintendent for pupil services provides leadership and coordination for the offices of Special Education, Diagnostic and Prevention Services, Student Services and related programs supporting student performance through special education, school counseling, student registration, health, social work, student assistance, attendance, homebound, assessment, diagnostic, psychological and parent-resource services.

Jones began her career as a special education teacher at Lunenburg Central High School after what, at first, seemed like a setback.

“I started as a business major at Longwood…When I graduated, the recession hit big-time. The job that I was recruited for went out the window... So, I started substitute teaching… There was a vacancy that became available. I became a long-term sub. I went back to school through the University of Virginia to become a special education teacher and just loved it. Loved working at the high school level because there were things I could see I was doing as a positive mentor; encouraging and motivating students to do their very best...

“I kind of fell into it, loved it, and had some great role models and mentors along the way that encouraged me to continue my education in the field of education. I’m really returning to my roots. I really enjoy giving back to my community. I really enjoy seeing positive change, particularly for students.”

After settling on a career in education, Jones became assistant principal for Hurt Park Elementary; principal of Oakland Elementary; principal of Breckinridge Middle School; and executive director for student support services, all for Roanoke City Public Schools. Since 2013, she has been the director of human resources and talent development for LCPS’ Human Resources and Talent Development (HRTD) Department.

It was her final position in Roanoke, which she held from 2007 to 2013, that most closely resembles Jones’ new job in Loudoun. As executive director for student support services in Roanoke, she oversaw student health, school nurses, attendance, truancy, worked with principals on discipline concerns and worked with community agencies and the school board’s Safety and Discipline Committee. Roanoke City’s superintendent’s cabinet had only five members, so Jones covered a lot of different areas. “You have to wear a lot of hats.”

Jones said her work with HRTD provides a big advantage in assuming her new role.

“It is a steep learning curve. The fortunate thing for me is – being an insider with HRTD – you have a chance to work with many people over many departments in the school division. I’m very familiar with each of the directors; I worked with them as a senior staff member as well.”

Meeting the school-based members of her new department and familiarizing herself with their work will be a priority as she begins her new job, said Jones. “There’s lots of work that, obviously, needs to be done and very capable people who are there doing it. I want us to continue on that momentum.”

Jones said she looks forward to working with the School Board’s Ad Hoc Committee on Special Education Services as well as the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).  She also looks forward to working with the new middle school mental health initiative and continuing to build upon the high school mental health initiative begun last year.

Besides her adventurous streak, Jones has two boxers who keep her busy outside of work. “I have two fury friends that I love…they love like no other.” She also loves traveling, particularly to the Caribbean. 

In addition to her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Longwood University, Jones holds a master’s in administration and supervision from Longwood, the aforementioned teaching endorsement in special education from the University of Virginia and a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from Virginia Tech.