Woodgrove Honors Early Childhood Education Students

Woodgrove High School honored its early childhood education students during a ceremony on Friday, June 8
th, in the school’s library. 

Dr. Karen Curtis, Woodgrove’s early childhood education teacher, recognized 26 students ranging from sophomores to seniors. Curtis noted that the early childhood education program was a perfect union between Head Start and Woodgrove’s Family and Consumer Science Department. 

Principal Sam Shipp said this partnership was a “win-win” for everyone involved, from pre-school to high school students. “I’m hoping that some of you, after this year, decide to continue down this path and become educators.”

Curtis said her students researched recess and play and their role in learning as part of their course of study. (They polled 647 teachers and gathered more than 9,500 pieces of data.)  “It’s not just play down in the pre-school.”  

Students also are in the process of writing a book of recipes suggested by pre-schoolers (spoiler alert, it’s heavy on mac and cheese). One recipe: pizza, get a box, microwave. Critics review: “You eat it and it makes me so good.”

The honored students included (six of the students are from Loudoun Valley High School):

Maddison Bambeck

Natalie Blankenship

Aliyanna Bryant

Esme Byrd

Hallie Crawford

Malia DeGree

Will Fuchs

Kylie Gieseman

Sydney Gregg

William Gutshall

Sophie Hudak

Shelby Johnson

Carson Kriede

Devon Mullen

John Neranztis

Alexis Peed

Casey Pugh

Kailey Ryan

Abby Sanders

Grace Schnabel

Amethyst Sturrock

Jennifer Tapia-Rios

Kawal Tiwana

Sara Upton

Hannah Waldman

Charlie Ware


Two students, Grace Schnabel and Taylor Nutter were honored for receiving awards from the Loudoun County Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC).