Arcola Gets Drone Demonstration

Students at Arcola Elementary kept their eyes on the skies Friday, May 25th, as members of the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office demonstrated the use of their drone.

The drone flight was the culminating activity in the school’s Law and Literacy Program.  For the second consecutive year, deputies from the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office have made regular visits to students in first, second and third grades to mentor them and support their reading instruction. 

Students screamed and pointed as the drone lifted off from the field behind the school’s playground.  Deputy Jamie Holben explained that the military-grade drone was purchased as part of Project Lifesaver to assist in the search for missing persons, particularly those with special needs who may wear bracelets that transmit radio signals that can be detected by the drone.

Holben gave students the chance to look at the camera monitoring screen as he piloted the drone over the roof of the school.