Ryan Bartel Foundation Acceptance of Others Award-Deadline April 30th, 2018



Graduating Senior from any High School with a We’re All Human Committee who will be continuing his/her education in a career/technical school.
In memory of Ryan Bartel, Woodgrove HS Class of 2015, this award recognizes a student who consistently:

• Demonstrates through their words and actions, acceptance and respect of others • Seeks out, recognizes and embraces the differences and uniqueness of every individual • Does not pass judgment of others at face value • Offers unconditional support and comfort to those who need it, especially those who seem alone or generally feel challenged with life • Stands up for what is right • Is not afraid to intervene and say ‘Enough’ to any form of bullying.

Acceptance of Others Final.pdf, 197.7 KB; (Last Modified on January 3, 2018)