March 2018 General PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA General Meeting 3/6/2018


Attendees: Lisa Morales, Jen Robinette, Lisa Geurin, Sandy Toor, Kerri Lewis, Paul Pack, Michele Assetto, Lauren Ricci, Caroyl Massullo, Paige Faul, Katie Krauss, Ali Bechard, Geri Weidner


Meeting commenced at 3:30 p.m.


Principal Comments: Loudoun County is adopting 2018 Math Textbooks for all grades.  They are here in the school for review and we are welcoming comments, and feedback from Teachers, Parents, and Administration. Decision will be made approx. in April for adoption for the 2018-2019 school year

Presidents Report


Stemmerday, this Saturday. PTA will be selling Lunch – pizza, drinks, hotdogs, popcorn. Volunteer Breakfast will be served in the Art Room.  PTA will also be selling spirit wear.


Spirit night is @ Chick Fil-a on 3/30


Matt Ball – Theme is super hero vs. Villians at Freedom high school on 4/11


Bi-Laws – Last meeting we discussed putting together a committee. Revision and current bi-laws. Template via VA PTA – two changes from this year to next.

  1. Three VP (Fundraising, Events, Volunteers)
  2. Order of succession in the event the president is not able perform.


Current is succession is VP Events, Fundraising, events.


Change will be Events, Volunteers, fundraising.


All agreed, none declined.


Provided an Update bi-law for review. Lisa G motion to adopt. Jen second. All agreed, none opposed.


Volunteers for board next year, if you have anyone or know of anyone, please send them to Lisa Morales.  Lisa M will not be taking nomination for next year as President. The Volunteer breakfast was a good turn out and got several interested parents to take over board positions and Chair positions.  


Treasurer Report

Moving funds, to add to professional development for conferences. Beautification $800 moving, and field trips will reduce from $500, $300 garden club. Add $400 to parent coffee, so we are moving the entire amount. $3,000. Into professional development. Art Educator association Conference, and Speech Pathology conference.

Jen moved to move, Kerri second, All agreed, none opposed.


Volunteer Report

StemmerDay -Breakfast @ 50% filled, awaiting last minute sign up. Lisa and Jen to go to Costco to get the remaining items tomorrow 3/7/18.

No one is signed up for the Dulles Food Pantry, looking for Teachers to put the word out to their parents, address in their weekly emails home.

School Store has not been opening – no parents volunteers.  Hesitant to encourage high school students. Trying to get parents to come in. Jen is reaching out to the Teachers to try and get the parents to sign up.


VP- Events Report

Matt ball Game: (Ms. Assetto and Paul Pack) – Theme super hero team, red shirt with a cape (blue) Villains black shirt with a black bandit mask. Ideas- intermission activities; teacher dance 5 minutes, and dollar kicks, 10 minutes. Obstacle course “dizzy bat spin, bowling, (5 mins). Teacher bowling – options, teachers on scooters/ bowling. Bach to Rock is scheduled to DJ. MC will be Alex Gray or someone in administration. PTA presents or tickets for the kicks and or teacher bowling. Building use forms, to make sure we are ok with Freedom on the date, will verify. 5th Grade SAT’s will help with clean up, SCA can help as well.

5th Grade Celebration: To get SCA assist, to see if they can participate and provide feedback for the event. 5th grade teachers will send out a google form, for parent sign ups. Food, activities are booked. Ice Cream truck is booked as well and will be passed out to the students.

Odyssey of the Mind, event was cancelled from Friday due to school closure and rescheduled for tomorrow.


Secretary Report

With Stemmer Day coming, if anyone sees or wants to send a special thank you, please send their contact details and what they need to be thanked for.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:05 p.m.