January 2018 General PTA Meeting Notes

PTA Meeting – General 1/9/18


Attendees:  Lisa Morales, Lisa Guerin, Jen Robinette, Kerri Lewis, Sandy Toor, Paul Pack, Caroyl Massullo, Katie Brunk, Paige Faul, Ali Bechard, Katie Krauss, Geri Weidner, Michele Assetto, Natalia Beardslee


Welcome & Call to Order– Lisa Morales


Principals Comments (Paul Pack):  Introduction of Ms. Rebecca Pierce to start as Dean of Students.  Liberty wants all parents to enjoy STEMmerday so it pulls its volunteers from local high schools and businesses.  The new extension in the back of the school is still under construction by they are working on the last tasks.  Depending on when the area is completed, that will determine how the new area is to be used.  It will either be part of the new teacher lounge, used for testing, a new classroom, and the new music room.  Opening can be as late as February.


PTA President Comments:

Upcoming events include Bingo on the 19th of January and Spirit nights for Bonchon (1/31), Panera (2/13), and Vocelli (2/27). 


Treasurer Report:

Lisa Guerin – Not much news for the budget with the holidays.  Proposed to adopt budget allowance of $500 for PTA volunteer appreciation/recruitment breakfast scheduled for 2/14; Motion to adopt – Jen Robinette, Sandy Toor seconded. None opposed. Motion to add $250 to budget for Muffins for Mom event (5/14) – no motion needed as anything $299 and below can be added without a vote.


Volunteers Coordinator (Jen Robinette):

 About ½ of the classrooms have baskets for bingo.  Need to send out e-mail requests to parents asking for basket contributions.  Question asked – are teachers responsible to create and pay for bingo baskets if a parent hasn’t coordinated one?  No.  If the teacher doesn’t have a basket, just let Jen know.  Looking to create enthusiasm for bingo baskets by setting them up in the library before Bingo event.  Bingo Night is supposed to be a fun event for the school community but we don’t want to lose money on putting it on.  Suggested for next year – get small, inexpensive gifts from 5 Below and dollar store for kid prizes as opposed to large bingo baskets.  Ms. Pierce will be Emcee for the night.  Can also promote through the MoShow to get kids excited.


VP of Events (Sandy Toor):

For 5th grade celebration, using NOVA party rentals.  They charge about ½ of what was charged last year.  Will include carnival type games and activities.  Plan to use the gym during the celebration for Bingo to give the kids a break from the heat.  Wants to schedule an ice cream truck to come for a sweet treat for the kids.  On budget.  Currently working on class favors and gifts.  Plan to meet with 5th grade teachers to discuss details.  Need about 15 volunteers for event activities.



MSAAC (Natalia Beardslee)

1/17 next MSAAC meeting will involve HALO, a female barbershop top performance act.  Meeting is open to all, is student friendly and interactive to touch on race relations and classroom situations.  February meeting, Dr. William, will present to LCPS parents on deeper learning and share common issues. 


ASEP (Paul Pack for Phong Schillinger)

Liberty PTA is working with Liberty teachers to begin including after school programs taught by school staff.  As this is a new endeavor, it was decided at the PTA Exec meeting to only add 2 music classes (4th and 5th grades) initially.  This is to avoid competing with current vendors providing after school programs at Liberty.  Depending on how these new classes go and general interest, more clubs can be added for the new school year.  The Liberty teachers teaching the new clubs will receive a flat fee for compensation and must be a PTA member.


School Kits (Lisa Morales)

Mr. Pack can start getting initial lists together and get back to me.


Meeting Adjured