October 2017 General Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting – General 10/17/2017


Attendees:  Lisa Morales, Kerri Lewis, Alex Gray, Caroyl Massullo, Katie Brunk, Lauren Ricci, Paige Faul, Shauntel Sibley,Norma Valentin, Aparna Parthaje, Ali Bechard, Katie Krauss, Geri Weidner, Michele Assetto,

Welcome – Lisa Morales introduction and PTA board introductions, Parent introductions


Principals Comments (Alex Gray):  Big News the open of Goshen Elementary (Principal will be Anne Hines) which is located on the John Champe Grounds (website, planning and school attendance zones) public input is welcome, this may very impact Liberty. American Education Week Nov 13-17th, each grade level will have an activity related. Digital Integration Night the same week.

Large Chromebook purchase, and wanted to thank the PTA and keep an eye out for them throughout the school. Also thank you for the Staff Keurig Machine!!!


PTA President Comments: Try to keep all the housekeeping to 30 mins which allow the rest of the meetings for feedback and questions.


Treasurer Report (Lisa G.):

Back of the Agenda has the monthly budget listed. Laps for Liberty (Main and hopefully only Fundraiser) projected a profit of 34K, slightly surpassed it $34,658.00!! All funds go to fund all school and teacher requests. Add a line item to cover teacher meetings (previously was sign up to bring snacks in). PTA will sponsor it going forward.


VP of events (Sandy Toor):

 Thanks to all the Parents and Teachers for Diversity night it was a huge Success, the change in date was a great in getting a better turnout versus in the winter time, First Evening Family Event!

 The Dance is coming up, in a few weeks. Presale will be posted online and flyers to all the students, a shout out on the morning show as well. Theme is under the stars, balloon arch with red carpet, entering to win drawing on pre-sale tickets for a limo ride to and from the dance. Headcount will be needed since Cake and Punch and water will be provided within the admission price. We will be giving tickets away. Bach to Rock will be out DJ for the night. There will be Lights and projector in the Gym, Photo booth will be there as well. 4 food trucks will be available and will take cash and credit cards. Price has changed to $5.00 pre-sale, Limo $6.00, and at the $8.00 with 2 cans of food (Dulles Pantry) and 10.00 at the door.


Committee Comments:

5th Grade Celebration: Sandy Toor Volunteered due to no one else has signed up, looking for a co-chair! Also time with the teachers to go over what has been done in the past. 5th grade teachers meet every other Monday Morning, can meet at 9:10 to attend to meet and talk with the 5th grade teachers.


Volunteer Coordinator Comments: Not in attendance, no update


Corresponding Secretary Comments: Certificates are done for all the Sponsors, and those collected for the Dance!! Pending Signatures for the certificates. Need names and blurb for Diversity night for those who helped or extra helping hand that should be recognized.


PTA Highlights – upcoming events:

Upcoming Events: Spirit night this Thursday at McDonalds.  VA 529 Savings Plan, quite a few have signed up. Student Dance 11/17 (6-7:30) upcoming (Kerri Lewis Coy Taylor- chairs). Bingo Date is Jan. 19th, 2018



School Dance, Adults are free, can take more than one child. Yes please more the merry as long as they can monitor who they bring. Dress to impress: dress as nice as you want/can! Picture day clothes J All Grade Levels are welcome K-5. Encourage Teachers to come!!  More Freedom Volunteers, Mrs. Assestto happy to reach out to her contact at Freedom.


Bingo Night, keep a look out for in Jan, hope to not have to cancel and move the date. Support is appreciated. Bingo Date is Jan. 19th, 2018


SCA Committee: New elected into office – Help from the 5th grade elected personnel. Email for the help.


Suggestion for random acts of kindness, suggestion. Alex mentioned that they will communicate with the counselors to see what they can implement or in addition to what they already do.


Veterans Day Assembly: Mrs. Assetto is honoring them, send in a military photo of them, and welcome to come it’s at 1:30 on Nov. 10. Mr. Pack email will provide information on how to send in information/attendance.


Why aren’t students allowed to wear Halloween costume: No one is allowed to come in costume, this is a School policy but a county policy.  1st grade does storybook character day to come in costume of their character not a Halloween costume.


Have excess PTA prizes in the closet. Want to hand out bags of excess PTA prizes, to hand out to all the students!!


How to create and mentor STEM in Study Skills and Strategies.


GEMS – Girls engaged in Math and Science previous program (Adult women to come talk about their STEM related Job and activities around their profession.


Career Days – We haven’t had career day in a few years at Liberty. Liberty has been trying to build and come talk, presentations and be a part within our STEM program, looking to build connections with community companies.


Career Fair, Window after SOL and the end of the year. 5th grade has version of it through Lunsford and Mercer Counselors usually works through that. Using the Parents to come and speak about their jobs, based on their interest. A Day in a Life of a career. Create a google form and get the parents to fill out what job they have and skill they use, to then reach out and create an event around it or have them help with existing events.