April 2020 PTA General Meeting Minutes



General Meeting Minutes

PTA: Liberty Elementary School PTA, General PTA Meeting

Date: April 14, 2020

Time: 3:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.

Attendees: William, Becky, Caitlin, Poonam, Smitha, Lisa, Jill, Dana, Will Smith

  • Call Meeting to Order at 3:06pm


  • Approval of Minutes by all


  • New & Continuing Business
  • Spring ASEP (After School Enrichment Program)
    • Partial refunds went out depending on number of days attended. Wrote checks for a few who used gift cards or signed up later.
    • Jill reached out to STEM Excel and was offered a choice of credit toward future class, including summer camp, or future PTA enrichment program. But we don’t have contracts yet for next Fall. No response to PTA email. Hoping for partial refund instead. William reached out as well. Jill sent William their contract, which is different than others. PTA will add cancelation wording to all contracts which will supersede vendor contracts.
    • Drama Kids refunded one parent
    • Still need Coordinator
    • Did not ask for refunds from teachers for ASEP payments.


  • Matball
    • Looked at different possible options but will postpone until next year. Keep theme and teams and shirts and hold in the Fall. 5th grader recognition during intermission.
    • A couple refunds issued for shirts


  • Budget
    • No expenses except refunds. Approx $12,000 for after school refunds. A few STEMmerday outstanding expenses. Have only paid for lunches. One teacher waiting for teacher allotment, was not yet received. Several funds that will not be used: DARE, TAW (possibly make up at the beginning of the year), Tech Team, Safety Patrols. Carryover budget $27,000, $7,000 in STEMmerday expenses. Leaves $20,000 carryover into next school year. Will be helpful with everything going on.
    • Dana has all receipts, just hasn’t made copies yet. Will take a pic and send via email. Lisa can send checks asap or wait until next school year. Dana says it’s okay to hold off. Lisa wants checks written this fiscal year, by end of July. Dana will grab receipts tomorrow when she goes into school.
    • Becky agrees to carry over the money, we don’t know family needs next Fall. Fundraising may not be what it has been previous years because of current situation. William says national PTA says basically anything legal goes because of unprecedented conditions.
    • Will Smith suggests virtual Matball to bring the community together and make it a fundraiser. William does not want to discuss money with parents right now.


  • Spiritwear
    • Lisa has items at home and delivered 10 of 27 orders. Just received email addresses for six families. Within two weeks hopes to have it all delivered. A couple people said hold onto it until next school year. Poonam wants them to be washed or add note to wash before wear. Lisa says it’s in bags and she’s using gloves and masks, and most will just leave in their garage like a package.


  • PTA Executive Committee Nominations
    • Lisa proposes Executive Board put forth by the Nomination Committee as follows:
      • William Perry for President
      • Smitha Tumulur for Treasurer
      • Lisa Geurin for Events and Committees
      • Tez Nettimi for Fundraising
      • Poonam Upadhyaya for Volunteers
      • Jill DeLorenzo for Corresponding Secretary
      • Misty Ocean for Recording Secretary
    • William asks for further nominations for each position. No further nominations. All closed. Lisa will put out to vote electronically to current PTA members.
    • Poonam asks how long members have to vote. Lisa thinks a few days to a week, will get that figured out via Member Hub. Yes/No vote responses only. Hoping for 10 replies.
    • Becky says if you give more time it’s more likely to be put off, a shorter window will yield better response rate. A week sounds good. Dana suggests Jill send an email notifying the window to vote. PTA will install new officers after May General meeting.


  • Open discussion
    • No items to discuss

Meeting Adjourned at 3:29