March 2020 PTA General Meeting Minutes

General Meeting Minutes

PTA: Liberty Elementary School PTA, General PTA Meeting

Date: March 10, 2020

Time: 3:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.

Board Attendees: William, Jill, Lisa, Caitlin, Poonam, Alex, Stephanie, Becky

Staff Presentation: Laura Wright and Rick Stakel of the Liberty PE Department: Physical fitness testing and what families can do at home to promote an active lifestyle.

  • Ideas for activities to do as a family at home, examples: bike, walk the path, Dulles South Rec Center, balloon games, obstacle course in the house, have a push up/sit up routine together, dance party, make a bowling game, stretch during commercials, take the stairs, fitness contests, etc. (How to Get Your Family Active)
  • Many children are unable to complete some of the fitness activities in PE so these exercises will improve their abilities.
  • Fitness Testing: It is somewhat archaic and hasn’t changed in a long time. Cardio - The pacer test replaced the mile run, and measures endurance. Flexibility- trunk lift and shoulder stretch aren’t good measures because kids grow at different rates. Alternative is sit and reach if they can’t pass. Abdominal Strength - curl ups are done to a cadence and must be on time to count. Upper Body – Push-ups are also on a cadence count. No pull ups anymore. Have tried putting kids in small groups and count each other and have had success, but prefer to teacher test. 4th and 5th graders are tested four times a year, younger kids less. Standards are provided to students, so they know what is expected and encourage home training. Don’t feel kids are very motivated, so teachers’ goal is to challenge them.
  • Feelin’ Good Mileage Club: all grades Tues – Thurs, 7:15 - 7:45am. This year a paper memo did not go home and attendance has been down. Non-competitive, free to walk or run, earn awards for milestones. Offered in Fall and Spring. Parents are welcome to join children, would love to make it more of a family atmosphere. Once used as an SOL prep to get blood to brain before testing to link physical activity to academics. Caroyl Massullo suggested sending teachers a promo to include in Friday Memo.
  • PE website is full of information on activities and nutrition for kids and families.
  • Jill applied for a grant through Dick’s and received $50 gift certificate and 10 kick balls for PE Dept.

Call Meeting to Order at 3:22pm

Approval of Minutes

Reports of Officers

  • Treasurer’s Report - Lisa Geurin
    • Bingo: made over $4,000. ASEP: more teacher classes make more money than vendor classes. Made over $12,000 profit. Over $20,000 total between Fall and Spring, double predicted amount. STEMmerday numbers not in yet, sure it’s a success.
  • Principal’s Report – Paul Pack (Alex Gray)
    • Matball: Will it happen? Making the call COB tomorrow, Wednesday. Waiting on county guidelines. Hope to postpone, depending on Freedom’s gym availability. Possibly other options to hold the games.
    • Closing School: nothing has been announced. Building being sanitized daily. Pushing hand washing, no touching face, sick stay home, travel restrictions. Dr. Williams sent message to parents. No official update. Keeping kids home is an excused absence.
    • STEMmerday was great. Ms. Cooper’s class won Battlebots. New rooms, well-attended. No lull this year. Thanks to PTA for hard work and staff for support.
  • Fundraising - Jill DeLorenzo
    • Door prizes from sponsors – Ashburn ice house rentals and propel swim lessons.
    • Matball raffles: Disney tickets for presale orders, five family-of-four packs of park hoppers. Grants from CDN. Six other prizes to be raffled.
    • Spirit Night at McDonalds March 26.
    • Raffles moved to another time if Matball if canceled.
  • Volunteers - Poonam Upadhyaya
    • STEMmerday: went really well. Last year sold 50+ pizzas, this year 60+ plus other concessions. Fabulous volunteers. A few stayed beyond their shift, including children who worked hard. Made it much easier for PTA. $10 pizza coupon for select volunteers.
    • Spring picture day volunteers full. Kindergarten Registration is March 18, need 20 volunteers. Early morning is tough. March 19 is Matball, signup has been distributed to teachers. Will hold off on sending to public. Dentist screening is March 30.

Reports of Committees

  • MSAAC - Natalia Beardslee (notes on back)

New & Continuing Business

  • Spring ASEP (After School Enrichment Program)
    • Did much better this session. Teacher classes are popular. No issues with students most days. Jill confirms it’s gotten smoother, now meeting in the library first. Addressed the few late pickups. Need coordinator for next year. Job starts over summer.
  • Matball
    • More to know tomorrow evening. Should we cancel, Alex asks for idea of cost of shirts. Lisa says everyone is paying for their own, except online sales could be refunded. Will cross that bridge when needed. Could look at moving outdoor, but hard to manage money, weather, etc.
  • PTA Executive Committee Nominations
    • Next month we need quorum for votes, 10 attendants. Let Lisa know if interested in any position. Jill has raffles!
  • School Supply Kits Chair needed
    • Anaheeta needs info by the March 18. We have no coordinator at this point. Teachers should send comments about supplies to Becky.
  • Open discussion
    • Lisa updates on spiritwear. Done Thursday, distributed next week. No cancelations required for unmet minimums.
    • Jill pulls raffle for Propel swim lessons and Ashburn Ice House. Winners are: Smitha, Nasrin, Caroyl.


  • Mar 7 – STEMmerday
  • Mar 10* – PTA General Meeting
  • Mar 19 – Matball
  • Mar 26 – Spirit Night: McDonald’s
  • April 14 – PTA General Meeting
  • Apr 22 – Admin Prof Day
  • Apr 30 – Muffins with Mom
  • May 1 – Muffins with Mom
  • May 4-8 – Teacher Appreciation Week

Adjourned at 3:44pm


·  5th Grade Celebration: Sapana Patel &

Caitlin Palmisano

·  ASEP Coordinator: VACANT

·  AEW: Alisha Vaughan

·  Bingo: Misty Ocean & Shweta Khare

·  Box Tops: Karin Lisack

·  Children's Diversity Night: Vijaya Durga Laddika and Ramadevi Chedalla

·  Eagle Eye Dads - Will Smith

·  Laps for Liberty: Anne Corej

·  Membership: Anaheeta Minwalla

·  MSAAC: Natalia Beardslee; ALT: Alexis James

·  Newsletter Editor: Jill DeLorenzo

·  Room Parent Coordinator: VACANT

·  School Dance: Kerri Lewis

·  School Supply Kits Chair: VACANT


·  Spiritwear Chair: Jeff Geurin

·  TAW: Alisha Vaughan

·  Teacher Welcome Back Luncheon Chair: Alisha Vaughan

by Natalia Beardslee


The featured topic of the February MSAAC General Body meeting was Culturally Competent Workforce & Diversity Recruitment.

Dr. Scott Ziegler, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources and Talent Development and his team spoke with families, educators and community members about attracting and selecting diverse candidates for all LCPS positions but specifically licensed positions.  Dr. Ziegler touched on the national teacher shortage, portrait of a Loudoun educator, lack of diversity among licensed teachers as compared to our student population, early hiring initiatives, strategic actions to build a highly performing, diverse staff and the Diversity Champions Network.  Couldn’t make it to the February MSAAC Meeting?  Here is the link to the 02-19-2020 MSAAC General Body Committee Meeting video.

  • MSAAC Gala is coming soon! Submit your nomination based on the three categories by 3/20/2020.  Follow for details on the three different awards (Wendall T. Fisher Award for Administration, Teachers and Support/Classified Staff; Student Award; and the NEW MSAAC Delegate Award), selection criteria and the nomination process.
  • MSAAC Elections in May: A nominating committee was elected at the February meeting.  Reshaunda Willburn, Wendy Caudle Hodge and Natalia Beardslee are on the committee and welcome nominations for the three “elected” positions on the Executive Board for the 2020/2021 school year:
    • Chairperson - Presides at all meetings of MSAAC and shall coordinate the work of the officers and committees. They will represent the committee in all matters of business or appoint a member of the Executive Committee to do so as needed.
    • Vice Chairperson - Presides at all meetings of the committee in the absence of the Chairman and shall serve as chairman of the Programs Committee.
    • Secretary - Tasked with recording and maintaining the Minutes of all meetings of MSAAC as well as be the principal record keeper of the committee.

To declare your candidacy for one of the elected positions please email your resume and a one-page letter of intent to Natalia Beardslee at  The deadline to declare your candidacy is noon on April 13th. 

  • Lottie Spurlock, LCPS Director of Equity gave an Equity Update.
    • The Ad Hoc Committee on Equity was approved by the current school board to become the Committee on Equity with an indefinite end date. The committee will continue to make recommendations to the school board regarding all matters related to equity in our school system. 
    • Conversations with local law enforcement and SRO’s are occurring to create a more safe and supportive academic community for our scholars. The existing Memorandum of Understanding with local law enforcement is being revised by organizations like MSAAC, the Equity Committee and LCPS. 
    • Attention LCPS educators: Did you know there are learning opportunities in the school on topics related to race, critical conversations and social justice?  Educators should check their My Learning Plan for opportunities to develop skills that support a culturally responsive framework.  There is also a Diversity Training Seminar on March 12th from 4:45pm-7:00pm at the Loudoun Education Association Office.  The seminar is open to MSAAC Committee members and LCPS Employees.  Register at

Want to get more involved or know a student that wants to be a voice for change?  Here are some opportunities:

  • Become an MSAAC Student Representative: Next virtual meeting is 2/24 at 7pm.  Contact the Initiative Lead for more details: Kellee Jenkins at
  • Provide input to the LCPS /Law Enforcement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Contact the Initiative Lead: Kenya Savage at