February 2020 PTA General Meeting Minutes



General Meeting Minutes

PTA: Liberty Elementary School PTA, General PTA Meeting

Date: February 4, 2020

Time: 3:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.

Board Attendees: Paul, Caitlin, Jill, Lisa, William

National School Counseling Week and Liberty’s Counseling Program

Ellen Foley (1 & 5), Courtney Bogan (K & 3) and Nicole Moore (2 & 4)

  • Thank you for supporting the Guidance program. Main components are classroom lessons, small group counseling, and one-on-one support. Schoolwide initiatives: SCA, Freedom Tutors, PEER Mentors, PBIS, IMPACT (loss or grief support with high school students). Crisis Response: MANDT assist students during crisis, calming, and deescalating. Team of trained teachers at the ready. Trained by Nicole and Laura Wright.
    • Classroom Lessons: academics, career exploration, friendship, conflicts, mindfulness, goal-setting, character-building, empathy, listening, work habits, study and test skills, organization.
    • Small Group: 6-8 weeks by request. Anxiety, anger management, emotions, friends, changing families, work habits, middle school transition, grief and loss, siblings with disabilities. Referrals from teachers or student requested. Parent permission required. No social stigma attached, students love meeting during lunch and ask to join.
    • Counselors are also Child Study team members, provide outside counseling referrals, contribute to parent teacher conferences, and consult with parents throughout the year.
    • School Counseling Week: theme is Building Better Humans. Teaching resilience and success. Each day a different activity for students and counselors to connect. Acts of Kindness from students to others. Counselors treating teachers to hot chocolate and treats as well.
    • RAMP: Recognized ASCA Modeled Program. Working to earn title, submitting required documentation and reports which encompass 12 components. Shows that your school counseling program is effective and meets requirements. Huge undertaking, tackling piece by piece. Timeline is this school year, submit next October, results in January 2021.
    • Video compilation played for meeting, MoShow, and available on Liberty website.

Call Meeting to Order by William at 3:21pm

Approval of Minutes by all

Reports of Officers

  • Treasurer’s Report - Lisa Geurin
    • Bingo: Success! As usual we made more money than anticipated. From expected $2,250 to just over $4,000. Extra funds there. Propose a vote to put $360 into Assembly line item to cover assemblies. Extra profits from events helps everyone. Jill calls for motion, Paul seconds.
  • Principal’s Report – Paul Pack
    • Thanks PTA for Bingo. Extremely well-run, planned, and communicated. Online sale and entry at the door went well. Appreciative to Board.
    • Shout out for National School Counseling Week. The activities the kids are getting this week are only done at one of the 94 schools, ours.
    • Big Events: March 7 is STEMmer Day, 10th Will ask for non-consumable supply donations. One reason we don’t have parent volunteers is we want parents to enjoy the event, so thank you to staff and community members who volunteer.
    • Matball: Dividing into 4 teams, tournament style, March 19.
    • STEMmer Week Camps: registration in a couple weeks. Offering paid aftercare after 2:30. Week one theme is camp construct. Week two theme is camp code.
  • Fundraising - Jill DeLorenzo
    • New sponsor since last meeting. 16 total for year. Full list on Liberty PTA site and bulletin board. Last spirit nights were Fitness Equation and Ice House. Good change from dining nights. Five spirits nights left: two at McDonald’s, two at Chuck E. Cheese’s, one at Dairy Queen. The one we had at Chick Fil A earned less than $50. McDonald’s earned more than $600. Both will have stickers in teacher boxes. President’s Day student holiday coming up for Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Reports of Committees

  • Bingo – Misty Ocean (absent)
    • Thanks to Misty! Took what Jen did last year and ran with it. Online sales worked really well. Increased in-person price, which helped contribute to perfect attendance numbers. 550 in gym is max amount with all tables. Tried Goodfellas Pizza this year, only had one box left. Mixed reviews on the pizza.
  • MSAAC - Natalia Beardslee (notes attached)
    • Jill said that Tiffany Laing is available for presentation at Liberty.

New & Continuing Business

  • Spirit wear
    • Open! Quarter sheet and full sheet flyer went out. Onesies are new. Closes Feb 20. More retro style everyone likes.
  • Spring ASEP (After School Enrichment Program)
    • Rolling along. Two teacher classes are at capacity. Registration ends Sunday at midnight.
  • Matball
    • Date confirmed with Freedom. March 19. Theme is Olympics. Four teams will be ring colors (gold, blue, red, green), black will be volunteers. Caitlin has made up T-shirt design. Jill confirms Glory Days will donate hot dogs. Disney tickets are in hand and will be raffled at Matball. 20 one-day park hopper passes grouped by four. One drawing exclusively for CDN volunteers. Remaining for Matball online purchasers. Helps plan for space in gym. Several 50/50 raffle donations as well.
  • PTA Executive Committee Nominations
    • Accepting for any board position, give Lisa your name. Vote in April. More is better!
  • School Supply Kits Chair needed
    • Chair has stepped down, and it’s coming up quickly. Order toward end of May. Paul says we take last years’ lists and have team leads analyze. March 3 is PD day, perfect to sit down as a team to review. If you know anyone interested pass them along.

Open Discussion

  • Alicia mentions copyright on Olympic rings. William says it’s not the school using it, it’s PTA, which gives us a buffer. Has dealt with that issue before.
  • Paul discusses SEAC Award. Alex or Becky will provide info. Whether parents see it or not, students have disabilities here and a lot of people are responsible for their success. Nominate a teacher, assistant, supportive peer, class, etc. Important recognition for the work they do. Some of the kids are so sympathetic and intuitive, they need to be recognized. Wants PTA to shout out the nominations and encourage parent awareness.



·  5th Grade Celebration: Sapana Patel &

Caitlin Palmisano

·  ASEP Coordinator: VACANT

·  AEW: Alisha Vaughan

·  Bingo: Misty Ocean & Shweta Khare

·  Box Tops: Karin Lisack

·  Children's Diversity Night: Vijaya Durga Laddika and Ramadevi Chedalla

·  Eagle Eye Dads - Will Smith

·  Laps for Liberty: Anne Corej

·  Membership: Anaheeta Minwalla

·  MSAAC: Natalia Beardslee; ALT: Alexis James

·  Newsletter Editor: Jill DeLorenzo

·  Room Parent Coordinator: VACANT

·  School Dance: Kerri Lewis

·  School Supply Kits Chair: VACANT


·  Spiritwear Chair: Jeff Geurin

·  TAW: Alisha Vaughan

·  Teacher Welcome Back Luncheon Chair: Alisha Vaughan


  • Feb 12 – Crossing Guard Appreciation Day
    • PTA will treat Chris that morning.
  • Feb 17 – Spirit Night: Chuck E. Cheese’s
  • Mar 7 – STEMmerday
  • Mar 19 – Matball
  • Mar 26 - Spirit Night: McDonald’s

Adjourned 3:38pm

MSAAC Notes by Natalia Beardslee


The featured topics of the January MSAAC general body meeting were Culturally Responsive and Competent Teaching & Learning Experiences and Equity in the 2020-2021 LCPS Budget.


Speakers spoke with families, educators and community members about culturally responsive and competent teaching and learning. Learn more about culturally responsive teaching from experts: Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings, Geneva Gay, and Zaretta Hammond.


Tara Hewan, LCPS Equity Specialist, discussed how LCPS is building a culturally responsive network and raising racial awareness in LCPS. Tara asked for feedback about culturally responsive teaching and learning. Recommendations included a focus on building awareness about various groups in our community throughout the year and not only associating a specific group of people with a single event in history. Minoritized people have many contributions and accomplishments across all content areas that need to be shared and celebrated. Members also suggested unconscious bias training and discussions about racism for allstakeholder groups to include families, educators, community leaders and students.


Neel Saxena, AALEAD (Asian American Youth Leadership Empowerment and Development) Executive Director, spoke about challenges faced by Asian American students and available resources to develop skills as leaders, succeed academically and advocate for their educational development. AALEAD serves a multi-ethnic Asian community and their mission is to “support low-income and underserved Asian Pacific American youth with educational empowerment, identity development, and leadership opportunities through after school, summer, and mentoring programs.”


Tiffney Laing, Founder of Bevy & Dave, spoke about learning through play. Bevy & Dave is a toy company committed to changing the narrative of black history and building leaders. Their educational toys are instruments to educate, inspire and empower children to be their best selves. One of their products specifically “honors the creativity and contributions of African American inventors while connecting young children to history and STEM”. Toys can serve as both mirrors and windows for all children in our academic community.


Lottie Spurlock, LCPS Director of Equity, shared how equity is the focus of the 2020-2021 LCPS budget. The budget focused on meeting the needs of students with disabilities, English learners, and students from economically disadvantaged families, plus additional equity staff to actively further the LCPS mission on equity while supporting other LCPS initiatives.


Want to get more involved or know a student that wants to be a voice for change? Here are

some opportunities:

  • Are you an educator or administrator getting ready for Black History Month? Click here to read about how to honor and celebrate black history month in February and throughout the year AND click here to learn about what not to do for Black History Month.
  • Become an MSAAC Student Representative: Contact the Initiative Lead: Kellee Jenkins.
  • Provide input to the LCPS/Law Enforcement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU): Contact the Initiative Lead: Kenya Savage.
  • Elementary Gifted Information Sessions: Visit the Liberty Gifted Information website for a referral form and Gifted Information Session schedule. Questions? Email Liberty ES Gifted Resource teacher, Mrs. Houston. Deadline for referral forms is February 7th.
  • Diversity Recruitment Experience Weekend: Calling all educators interested in learning more about LCPS. Join LCPS on February 21-22 for an opportunity to experience Loudoun County through networking, information sessions, and a career fair with school administrators. Register at bit.ly/LCPSRecruits. Email questions to recruitment@lcps.org.


The next MSAAC meeting is on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 7-9 pm at the LCPS Administration Building. The topic of discussion will be “Culturally Competent Workforce and Diverse Recruitment”.