Refugee by: Alan Gratz

Posted by Alexis Groah on 10/16/2017

First off, I want to begin by saying that I hate it when people compare books to other books. People continually compare this book to Gone Girl, and while it may have a similar feel, it is much tamer and less edgy. I would say it fits more in to the YA category, which makes it a good choice for younger adults or older teens who don't quite want the sexual content of Gone Girl. What The Good Girl does offer readers is a fairly engaging, plot-twisting story involving a kidnapping for ransom that doesn't turn out at all like you'd expect. The characters are fairly one-dimensional and predictable, but give you just enough to make you want to keep reading. The "twist" at the end wasn't really all that surprising. An engaged reader can predict what happens in the end pretty early on, but a good read nonetheless.