Day of Wrath by: William R. Forstchen

Posted by Alexis Groah on 10/16/2017

Another thought-provoking book by William Forstchen. Forstchen is master of fear-inducing, prepper-making novels, and this one does not disappoint. When a group of ISIS militants across the country launch their attack on the Day of Wrath, many Americans are in complete disbelief and shock over what unfolds. The ruthless killing that begins in schools, of all places, shakes the foundation of the country. Forstchen taps in to several widespread beliefs about the radical extremist group, making the reader question all they know and have been told about ISIS. I would highly recommend this book to Forstchen fans, as well as people who like to read apocalyptic narratives. This definitely raised some questions in my mind and compelled me to look at a lot of things differently.

Day of Wrath