Letter From Mrs. Assetto, Music Educator

Posted by PAUL PACK on 6/13/2018

Dear Liberty Families,


As many of you know, this will be my last year at Liberty. I have shared this with my students last week and I am now writing to you to sincerely thank you for the past eight years of opportunities to work with your children.  I have enjoyed every minute and would be remiss if I didn’t share just a few sentiments with you. 


First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude to you and your families, the Liberty Staff, and PTA for years of support for music education at Liberty.  I have invested so much in building and growing the music program here, and it would have been impossible to accomplish this without your consistent support and participation in attending multiple chorus concerts, grade-level performances, International/Children’s Diversity Night performances; you have always demonstrated to me that music is a valued piece of your child’s education.  There has never been a performance where I haven’t looked out into the faces of the crowd, and seen delightful smiles from parents and family members genuinely excited to see their young musicians perform and that is heartwarming to me.  I want to thank you all for that.


In addition to your regular attendance at musical events, many of you have shown your appreciation over the years via letters and emails, passing conversations, or other tokens of appreciation.  I am truly grateful for your thoughtfulness and will carry those memories with me.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to acknowledge the young musicians I have worked with every day for the past eight years.  Your children have not only shown great enthusiasm for music, but have placed their trust in me as an educator to ignite their imaginations, develop their skills, and provide a safe and welcoming environment in which they can express themselves.  Music has the power to do amazing things, and I have seen this in action through your children.  A simple song sung by more than 1000 voices in unison has the power to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.  Your children’s openness and willingness to sing, play instruments, and compose their own music have enabled me to be creative and share my passion for the power of music with them.  In fact, they have created the same environment for me that I have worked so hard to create for them. 


Thank you ALL for everything you have done to make me feel welcome, respected and appreciated in the Liberty Elementary community.  Please continue your support and advocacy for your children’s music education at Liberty Elementary, in Loudoun County and beyond.  Sing with your children, share your own musical skills, talents, unique tastes with them. Don’t be shy or intimated by music! Regardless of ability, music is something that is engrained in all of us, and every voice should be heard!


I wish your children the best of luck in their future endeavors in music, wherever it may lead them.  Thank you for all you have done for me and the music program at Liberty Elementary!



Michele Assetto