Weekly Update: September 28 - October 2

Posted by Molly Rippa on 9/27/2020 3:00:00 PM

Table of Contents

  • Weekly Calendar 
  • Message from the PTSO
  • MAP Testing in Algebra 1 & Geometry Classes
  • Early Release Form
  • Academies of Loudoun
  • Parent Access to Schoology
  • BB Virtual Fun Run
  • Need Technology Support?
  • From the Nurse
  • SAT & PSAT Information
  • AP Exam & Payment
  • Underclassmen Pictures - 9/21 & 28
  • Senior Parking Lot Painting - Oct. 5 & 12
  • Global Student Ambassadors - Sept. 28
  • Order your Class Ring
  • Senior Dues
  • Back to School Meal Service
  • Order Senior Baby Ads by 10/23
  • Order Your Yearbook!
  • Watch Feature Friday!
  • @PFAnnouncements


Weekly Calendar

Sep. 28

Sep. 29


Sep. 30


Oct. 1


Oct. 2


Open your email & complete Permission Click Attendance


Underclassmen & Staff Picture Day


Work on assignments from your classes. Don't forget to log on to Schoology & see what your teachers are asking for!

Advisory - 9:00-9:20a 

Period 1 - 9:26-10:26a 

Learning Lab - 10:27-10:49a

Period 2 - 10:54-11:54a 

Learning Lab - 11:55-12:17p

Lunch - 12:22-1:07p 

Period 3 - 1:07-2:07p 

Learning Lab - 2:08-2:30p 

Period 4 - 2:35-3:35p 

Learning Lab - 3:36-3:58p

Advisory - 9:00-9:20a 

Period 1 - 9:26-10:26a 

Learning Lab - 10:27-10:49a

Period 2 - 10:54-11:54a 

Learning Lab - 11:55-12:17p

Lunch - 12:22-1:07p 

Period 3 - 1:07-2:07p 

Learning Lab - 2:08-2:30p 

Period 4 - 2:35-3:35p 

Learning Lab - 3:36-3:58p

Advisory - 9:00-9:20a 

Period 5 - 9:26-10:26a 

Learning Lab - 10:27-10:49a

Period 6 - 10:54-11:54a 

Learning Lab - 11:55-12:17p

Lunch - 12:22-1:07p 

Period 7 - 1:07-2:07p 

Learning Lab - 2:08-2:30p 

Period 8 - 2:35-3:35p 

Learning Lab - 3:36-3:58p

Advisory - 9:00-9:20a 

Period 5 - 9:26-10:26a 

Learning Lab - 10:27-10:49a

Period 6 - 10:54-11:54a 

Learning Lab - 11:55-12:17p

Lunch - 12:22-1:07p 

Period 7 - 1:07-2:07p 

Learning Lab - 2:08-2:30p 

Period 8 - 2:35-3:35p 

Learning Lab - 3:36-3:58p


Message from the PTSO
Thank you for supporting our first TAKEOUT TUESDAY last week!  Mark your calendars now for our next one at FIREWORKS PIZZA on October 20th! 
A big thank you to those who have joined the PTSO already!  Your membership is a huge support to our school! We hope this PTSO Calendar will help you keep up to date!
Check our PTSO 2020-2021 Calendar for other upcoming events! 

Membership dues are $25 per family and $10 for staff and teachers.  

To join us:

  1. Pay Membership Dues Here! (square fees have been added to membership price)
  2. Register Here!
  1. Make a contribution to PFHS every time you shop on Amazon!
    • Go to smile.amazon.com and choose Potomac Falls PTSO Inc. 
    • AmazonSmile donates 0.5% of all eligible purchases to PFHS PTSO when you shop!
    • To turn on Amazon Smile in your mobile app: Click Here! 
  1. Let’s stay in touch!
  • Mark Your Calendars NOW!!! Our second PTSO Virtual General Meeting will be held on October 14th at 7PM. We will hear an informative talk about racial trauma from Monica Belton MSW, CTP-E.
  • Follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram 
  • Questions? Email us: PFHS.PTSO.President@gmail.com 
Have a great week!

MAP testing in Algebra 1 & Geometry classes

All Algebra 1 and Geometry students will take the Northwest Evaluation Association's Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) Math Growth assessment three times this year (Fall, Winter, & Spring). The first round of MAP testing will occur from September 21 to October 16. Your math teacher will notify students of their testing date and time.

Details on the MAP assessment are available on the LCPS website at https://www.lcps.org/Page/231408


*** Attention Students with an Early Release; Form due by Wednesday, September 30 ***


If you currently have an early release as part of your school day schedule, you need to thoroughly  complete this Waiver for Full Day attendance through this permission click link. You must clearly document your reason for this early release which may include employer verification for an early release due to work.


This is a requirement to keep your early release. Please be sure to submit this no later than Wednesday, September 30. Missing forms after this deadline will result in students being scheduled for study hall to account for attendance. Thank you, in advance, for helping us to meet this deadline!


Academies of Loudoun

Dear LCPS 10th graders and parents,

Are you planning to apply to the Academies of Loudoun this winter for the Advanced AET or MATA programs?  If you think this is a possibility, this message is for you!

10th graders in LCPS are not able to take the PSAT this year at their home high school due to COVID19.  To accommodate our 10th grade Academies applicants, we plan to offer the PSAT so that applicants can meet the admissions criteria for both Advanced AET and MATA programs.


Reservations are required, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Available dates are:
October 14th (Wednesday) – 8am (transportation available)

October 17th (Saturday) – no transportation available

October 29th (Thursday) - 8am (transportation available)

January 26th (Tuesday) - 8am (transportation available)


Reservations for these spots can be made at the following link:  https://forms.gle/bRqpDLvFZ9PFo7Yh8



Estimados Estudiantes de 10º grado y Padres de LCPS: 


¿Están planeando aplicar a las Academias de Loudoun este invierno para los programas avanzados de AET (Academia de Ingeniería y Tecnología) o MATA (Academia Técnica Avanzada de Monroe)? Si creen que cabe la posibilidad, ¡este mensaje es para ustedes! 


Los estudiantes de 10º  grado de LCPS no pueden tomar el PSAT este año en su escuela secundaria local debido a COVID-19. Para acomodar a nuestros solicitantes de la Academias de 10º grado, estamos planeando ofrecer el PSAT para que los solicitantes puedan cumplir con los requisitos de admisión para los programas Avanzados de AET y MATA. 


Es requerido hacer reservaciones y los cupos se llenarán por orden de llegada. Las fechas disponibles son: 

14 de octubre (miércoles) - 8 am (transporte disponible) 

17 de octubre (sábado) - no hay transporte disponible 

29 de octubre (jueves) - 8 a. M. (transporte disponible) 

26 de enero (martes) - 8 a.m. (transporte disponible) 


Reserve su cupo en el siguiente enlace: https://forms.gle/bRqpDLvFZ9PFo7Yh8



Parent Access to Schoology

Starting this year, all student classes in LCPS are hosted in Schoology.This program was chosen, in part, because it has built-in parent access. All student assignments can be found in Schoology. However, official grades are all posted in ParentVUE/StudentVUE.

  • Parents access Schoology via their ParentVUE account. Those unable to access ParentVUE should call Michelle Dillistin at 571/440-2530 ext. 60732

  • Parent info sheets are available in multiple languages:
  • Parents should access the “Schoology Parent Experience” to get the most of their Schoology account. Select the appropriate language below to learn how. 



BB Virtual Fun Run

The Virtual Fun Run is being hosted by the Backpack Buddies Foundation of Loudoun.  We are still accepting runners and walkers to help raise money to go right back to the schools and their Backpack Buddies programs for the 2020-2021 school year.  Already this year the Foundation has given out just under 125,000 in grants to the programs and businesses that help support your schools programs.  Without our usually Friendsgiving gala, we are looking at other avenues to have fun and raise money.  Sign up here!



Need Tech Support? 

Forgotten passwords:
Call the Technology Support Center (TSC) 571-252-2112 M-F 7:30am-5:00pm (excluding holidays)

Hardware issues:

Make an appointment at ANY repair center https://bit.ly/DDI-REPAIR


Submit an Incident - staff and students - several people are monitoring ticket queues
Lost/damaged chargers (Student or Teacher) can be purchased:


I am new to the district. How will my student be issued a device?

New student devices were ready for distribution on 8/31/20. Starting on 8/31/20, families may visit https://bit.ly/DDI-REPAIR to schedule an appointment at an on-site location to be assigned the appropriate device. 


ParentVUE Logon issues:
Email Michele Dillistin (michele.dillistin@lcps.org) or Allison Richardson (Allison.Richardson@lcps.org)


From the Nurse


Even though we are in a virtual school environment, please email me your student's Allergy Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan, Seizure Emergency Action Plan, Authorization for Medication Administration and/or Diabetic Medical Management Plan as applicable.  We would like to be ready to pivot quickly to the hybrid model and provide for your student's medical needs.  Also, in a virtual environment we want your student's teacher to be aware of any health concerns.  My email address is Amy.Hisel@lcps.org PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF MEDICATIONS OR MEDICAL SUPPLIES AT THIS TIME.   Please note that if your student requires an inhaler during the school day, they will need a spacer available in school due to concerns related to COVID-19.


Click HERE for LCPS Authorization for Medication Administration Form

Click HERE for LCPS Allergy Action Plan/Physician's Order

Click HERE for LCPS Asthma Action Plan/Physician's Order

Click HERE for LCPS Seizure Emergency Action Plan/Physician's Order

Click HERE for Virginia Diabetes Medical Management Plan(DMMP)


Thank You,

Amy Hisel

PFHS School Nurse



SAT & PSAT Information

PSAT/NMSQT for Juniors

PSAT for Juniors in October: Due to COVID-19, Loudoun County is limiting participation in PSAT to Juniors only on October 14 & 29. The online registration survey closed this past Friday. Juniors who registered to take the PSAT will receive detailed information in an email during the first week of October. Please contact Mr. Vogl, Testing Coordinator, at Matthew.Vogl@lcps.org if you have any questions about PSATs.


SAT & ACT Registration 

LCPS will offer the SAT and ACT on the following weekend dates and high school locations. Please go to the SAT College Board (collegeboard.org) and ACT (act.org) websites to register for your test. 



  • September 26 - Broad Run and Dominion High Schools 
  • October 3 - Freedom, Independence and Woodgrove High Schools 
  • November 7 - Dominion, John Champe, Potomac Falls and Tuscarora High Schools 
  • December 5 - Independence, Loudoun County and Potomac Falls High Schools 
  • March 13 - Briar Woods, Dominion, Independence, John Champe and Woodgrove High Schools 
  • May 8 - Broad Run and John Champe High Schools 
  • June 5 - Broad Run and Park View High Schools 



  • September 12 - Broad Run High School 
  • December 12 - Briar Woods, Dominion and John Champe High Schools 
  • February 6 - Briar Woods, Dominion and John Champe High Schools 


AP Exam Registration and Payment
The deadline for AP exam payment and registration is 5:00 PM on November 6, 2020. Students must register for their exams by selecting yes or no in AP Classroom. They must also pay for their exams using one of the options listed in the letter below. 
Please read this letter for detailed instructions and the exam schedule.

 Underclass & Staff Picture Days

Senior Parking Spot Painting

Global Ambassadors Instagram @pfhsga

Global Ambassadors - Sept. 28 @ 8:30a

Order Your Class Ring
Balfour Website

Senior Dues


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