DHS Wins CTE Makeover Challenge

Posted by Josh Ajima on 6/20/2016

CTE Makeover Challenge Prize Winner

Dominion High School has been honored as a prize winner in the CTE Makeover Challenge from the U.S. Department of Education. Winners receive $20,000 and a share of in-kind prizes from the $375,000+ sponsor prize pool to build a makerspace. This space will provide Dominion students the materials and environment they need to create, invent, tinker, and explore, helping them build vital career skills, including critical thinking, planning, communication, and problem solving.

Dominion entered the Challenge in April, submitting a preliminary plans for a school makerspace. Dominion teachers, Terry Baker and Josh Ajima participated in an intensive 6-week bootcamp program to finalize plans and explore a range of makerspace topics, including designing a makerspace, engaging the community, developing a budget, and creating projects that build making skills. The final proposal called for converting a CTE classroom into a maker space and building several maker carts for use in classrooms.

Official Announcement
Video: White House Announcement of Prize Winners