Weekly News 11/22

Posted by Emily Parker on 11/24/2019 11:30:00 AM

We just wrapped up our last full week in November, and December will be here before we know it. Our team would like to let each of you know how thankful we are for the partnership this year with you and your children. We appreciate the support you provide at home to piggyback what we are working on in the classroom. It truly takes a village!


Just a few logistical notes. All of third grade now has a snack and movement break in the morning with a longer recess in the afternoons. The playground side of the school can get mighty windy and as the temperature continues to drop, it will be pretty chilly. We plan to go outside as long as we are able, so some days your child will want to bundle up. We also recommend labeling your child’s belongings. We are the last classes out to recess so we always do a sweep of the playground and bring in any misc items we see. Even still, some items don’t seem to make it back to their rightful home!


Math- This week we started expanding our knowledge of money. Students reviewed the coins and their values, and began using strategies to count them accurately and quickly. Children don’t “use” paper/coin money as much as we did growing up, so it is becoming more and more abstract to them. The more experience you can give them using actual money in real life situations, the better. Students are extending this application into word problems and relating it back to our computation unit. 


DreamBox/Xtramath/ixL- Does your child ask for screen time in the evenings? Looking for ways for them to use devices for educational purposes? Your child has logins to all three and all are great tools for practice and review at home. ixL has some great strands to practice counting coins and making change.


Reading and Writing Workshop- The students are hooked on Dyamonde. They enjoy her personality and the way she interacts with others and stands up for those she cares out. Now that we have gotten to know two main characters in their unit (Dyamonde and Opal), students have learned to compare and contrast these characters. What do they have in common? How are they different? How do those similarities and differences impact their personalities? Who would make a better friend? Who is more loyal? If you could choose any character in your personal reading book to be a friend, who would it be and why? Students have learned to find evidence from their books to support this thinking. Some have even had a chance to debate with others! We are excited to begin our nonfiction unit after fall break.


We will continue our gratitude writing challenge through Thanksgiving. Many letters have been completed and delivered. Ask your child who they have written to. What did they say? Students are perfecting their paragraph and letter writing skills as they work to show gratitude towards important yet ordinary people in their lives. When was the last time you thought to thank the sanitation worker for reliably picking up your trash and recycling every week? How about thanking a politician that makes a difference in your community? Students are given dozens of options and will each compose a handful of letters over the next week. Ask your child who they chose to write to and why! Is there someone you can write to as a family? Extend this gratitude challenge at home!


Word Study-  New words will be given after Thanksgiving break.


Content and Coding- This week students continued their discovery of the 7 continents, focusing on major geographic features of 5. Ask your child where the Amazon Rainforest is located. How about the Sahara Desert? Students are polishing up their map skills before they dive deeper into some of the features. They are assuming the role of travel agents as they eventually become experts and persuade others to travel to their continent!


Robot making is in full force. This unit always comes with great excitement as our second Epic Build centers around the WeDo Robots. Stay tuned for more information after fall break. 


Important Dates:


Every Thursday- wear your house color

11/27-11/29- Thanksgiving Break

12/6- Career Day

Week of 12/9- midyear MAPS testing (reading and math)

1/28- Epic Build #2