Weekly News 11/15

Posted by Emily Parker on 11/15/2019 12:00:00 PM

These week started off on a high note! The Veteran’s Day program was the perfect culmination of our PBL. It was heart-warming to see all of the veterans in attendance and touched by the efforts of our students to honor them. Even though that part of our PBL is behind us, stay tuned for more to come early next year!


Another highlight this week was Innovation Lab. Each class went for an introduction to Makey Makey circuits. Students coded their Makey Makeys in Scratch and programmed them to teach others about the different types of coins. Ask your child to show you their Scratch code at home. Makey Makey circuits have endless possibilities! 


Math- This week we wrapped up instruction on subtraction and estimation. However, both of these skills will be cyclically practiced and retaught in the coming weeks. Next week we move into learning about money. Students will review the value of coins and will count collections of money. Students also need to learn to make change (bringing in those subtraction skills) from up to $5.00 Money is such a practical unit and you can help your child by having them count money at home. Spare change? How much change is in your wallet? Can they count it? The more “real world” experience the better!


DreamBox- Does your child ask for screen time in the evenings? Looking for ways for them to use devices for educational purposes? DreamBox or Xtramath are both great programs kids love and can use to extend and enrich their learning.


Reading and Writing Workshop- Well, Winn-Dixie has come to an end. As we sadly leave Opal, we are excited to start Dyanmonde’s (pronounced Diamond) adventure. Students will learn to compare and contrast the main characters from two different books. Characters continue to be the focus as we wrap up our fiction unit between now and break. The more you can have your child share about the characters in their books, the better!


We are so excited to be working on our Gratitude Challenge as our writing focus over the next two weeks. Check Twitter for some pictures! Students are perfecting their paragraph and letter writing skills as they work to show gratitude towards important yet ordinary people in their lives. When was the last time you thought to thank the sanitation worker for reliably picking up your trash and recycling every week? How about thanking a politician that makes a difference in your community? Students are given dozens of options and will each compose a handful of letters over the next week. Ask your child who they chose to write to and why! Is there someone you can write to as a family? Extend this gratitude challenge at home!


Word Study-  New words will be given after Thanksgiving break.


Important Dates:

11/18- Third Grade Chat N Chew

11/27-11/29- Thanksgiving Break