Weekly News 10/25

Posted by Emily Parker on 10/25/2019 12:00:00 PM

This has been a big month for third grade. The Epic Build was nothing short of EPIC! A huge thank you to all of the families that supported not only your child, but other children in the school as well. The students were so excited to show off their hard work with their Scratch projects. We hope you enjoyed the sneak peek to the memorials as well. If you were unable to make it, we totally understand. Ask your child to log in at home and show you their masterpiece.

Another high this week was our field trip to Morven Park. The clouds parted and the day was nothing short of beautiful. The students had a great introductory lesson to our soil unit that will take place in the spring. Ask your child to share their magic soil mixture. They learned about the pros and cons of clay, sand, and rocky soil as well as the benefits of adding humus on top. Get your child involved with any planting you do at home. They are the experts! Does anyone compost? This would be a great family project to get some top soil ready for the spring

As the weather turns cooler, please make sure to send sweatshirts and jackets as we will be going outside for recess most days. Our area tends to be on the windier side, so feel free to send additional items to stay warm. We also recommend labeling the inside tag on jackets so when items are left outside they can be returned to their rightful owner.

Math- This week students added subtraction with regrouping to their skillbank. This has been a challenging skill for many students and one that requires a lot of teacher support and continued practice. Students will continue to refine these skills while reviewing place value, rounding, and addition as we wrap up the quarter in the next week. The more you can do to bring these skills into real life situations at home, the more your child can see the value and importance of them.

Xtramath.org- Students spend 2-3 minutes in class daily building up their fact base. It is a quick and easy “no frills” program. If your child routinely spends time on their devices in the evening, we would love for you to add this to their nightly routine. 

Reading and Writing Workshop- Students continued to investigate traits of the main and supporting characters. They dig deep into the motives and this week were introduced to the story mountain, which is a predictable story element for all fiction stories. Students have been practicing this thinking while reading picture books with themes and complex thoughts. Your child should be reading for part of their nightly homework. Have them read aloud to you and then talk about their understanding from the story! Have them share and practice their knowledge.

This week in writing we are working on a paragraph about the significance behind our veteran memorials. Students are going back to basics working on sentence writing and understanding correct capitalization and punctuation. These are important skills that are sometimes lost when they get into longer story writing. Next week they will write letters to veterans to thank them for their service. Do you have any opportunities for your child to write at home? Even a grocery list or a letter to a family member gives them a reason and real life purpose for writing.

Word Study-  New words were sent home this week. The assessment will be next Friday. We appreciate you practicing and sorting at home.

Important Dates:

10/28- Staff Development Day (student holiday)

10/31- Crazy Hair Day (moveable Monday schedule)

11/1- 3rd grade Fall Party 1-2pm

11/1- Spooky Sock Hop 

11/4-5- Teacher Workdays (student holidays)

11-6- Last day of Wednesday ASEP Classes

11/11- Veteran’s Day Assembly and 3rd Grade Performance- 9:00am

Book Fair Begins, Spirit Day (wear red, white, and blue)

11/12- Picture Day Make Up, Last Tuesday ASEP, Family Night at the Book Fair, Family Bowling Night

11/18- Third Grade Chat N Chew