Weekly News 10/11

Posted by Emily Parker on 10/12/2019 8:10:00 AM

The highlight of our week was 100% our Veteran Visit on Tuesday. Please see the weekly Bear Bytes or Twitter for some great pictures. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who attended or contacted us about a veteran in their family. The students created thoughtful questions ahead of time and really listened as the veterans enlightened us all. It was better than anything we imagined when we were in the planning stages. All students wrote Thank You notes that were shared (or are being shared) with the veterans. If you connected us with a family member or friend please make sure they know about our assembly on the 11th. We would love to have them attend!

Speaking of veterans, our PBL is well underway. Students have been answering the question- How can we, as third graders, honor veterans? Each student is part of a group that is creating their own memorial to honor veterans. Students came up with the ideas of clay models, 3D printed models using the program Tinker Cad, recycled material models, or a drawing model. The excitement level is high as students have researched about veterans and memorials and are now entering the design phase. We look forward to students starting the actual model creation as well as a visit from Boulder Crest retreat next week. Please ask your child to share specifics about their project with you!

On another note- thank you for your incredible support of the Bear Crawl! As a third grade group, we had the highest percentage of students participate. To celebrate, we are having Pajama Day on Tuesday. Please wear school appropriate pajamas as well as regular school shoes as we will be having regular specials and recess that day.

Math- This week we have transitioned into computation with a focus on addition. Students were familiar with two digit addition from second grade and were able to extend this knowledge further. We are focusing on using math vocabulary to explain the process and steps. Can your child explain why we regroup a ten when they add the ones digits and get a two digit number? Or do they simply say that the one goes up top? Reinforcing the why behind these steps helps build this number sense knowledge. Over the next week we will compare addition and subtraction and move into subtraction computation. Fact fluency is beneficial to students as it simplifies the time it takes for them to complete problems. All students have started using Xtra Math this week in class. Students spend 2-3 minutes daily building up their fact base. It is a quick and easy “no frills” program. If your child routinely spends time on their devices in the evening, we would love for you to add this to their nightly routine. 

Reading and Writing Workshop- This week we have started our Character Unit in reader’s workshop. All students should be reading a book appropriate for their reading level, and really focusing on getting to know the characters in the book. For our class read aloud we are working through Winn-Dixie. This week we looked at the idea that Opal (the main character) is big-hearted. Students were challenged to think back through what we have read and find examples that support our theory about Opal. Students are also using a list of character traits to help them build their vocabulary when looking for traits from their character. Ask your child to tell you about the main character in their book. 

In writing, students have their first story drafted and have been taking it bit by bit through the revision process. This can be challenging as students are often happy with the first words they have written and think it is great just the way it is. We talk about how authors revise and are always looking for ways to improve their story. Do you know what small moment your child is writing about it class? Ask them!

Word Study-  Students are continuing to practice their words and will be assessed on Friday, October 18th. 

Field Trip- Thank you to everyone who has filled out the permission slip using Permission Click with the link sent last week. If you have not, please do so as soon as possible (and let your child’s teacher know if you prefer a paper copy). Additional information about the field trip will be sent out in next week’s memo.

Important Dates:

10/14- Columbus Day- no school

10/15- PAJAMA Day- Third Grade Only

10/16- Movable Monday (Monday specials on Wednesday)

10/21- Chat N Chew 3rd grade

10/22- Code to the Future Showcase #1

10/23- Third Grade Field Trip- Morven Park

11/1- 3rd grade Fall Party 1pm-

11/11- Veteran’s Day Assembly and 3rd Grade Performance- 9:00am