Weekly News 9/27

Posted by Emily Parker on 9/28/2019 6:05:00 AM


We look forward to seeing many of you at the Bear Crawl next Friday. We would love to see 3rd grade with the highest number of students participating. Please sign up if you haven't already. Even if you aren't able to make it to the actual event, you can still raise money to support our PTO. https://runsignup.com/roundhillbearcrawl

Math- This week has been a continuation of place value concepts. Students have been introduced to rounding in addition to building on the previously taught concepts. When rounding to the nearest ten, students have learned how to place a number of the number line and decide which way it would round. Building the number sense behind the "rounding rules" is important. We encourage you to have conversations with your children to dig deeper into their understanding. Can they name the numbers before and after 238 when counting by tens? Can they illustrate that on a number line? If not, can you support their understanding and reinforce those concepts at home?

Reading and Writing Workshop- DRA and PALs assessments have ended and we are excited to be conferencing and working with small groups within our workshop model. Talk to your child about what they have been reading. Have them read a paragraph out loud to you. Can they read fluently? Are there a lot of challenging words? Is this a book they can comprehend without support? These are some of the things we look for when conferencing in class. We want all children to have a "just right" book so they can do the thinking work that is necessary to grow as a reader. In writing, students have worked on mastering their leads, starting with either action or dialogue. They have started their first discovery draft and are working on exploding those small moments. Ask your child what they are writing about. What memorable stories has their teacher shared? What are they working on as a writer? All of these questions will give you a chance to connect with your child.

Word Study-  New words were given this week and the assessment will be next Friday, October 4th. Thank you for reviewing the words and reinforcing the patterns at home during the week.

Content- This week we are wrapping up our unit on Citizenship and Government. Why do we need rules and laws? What would our country be like without them? We are excited to kick off our next unit, our Veterans Day PBL, next Tuesday!

Coding- Students are adding the final touches to their pole position games. They are working on adding the lag effect and the lap counters. The second project is in the works and will be introduced soon.

Important Dates:

10/1-10/2- First Session of ASEP begins

10/2- National Walk to School Day

10/4- Bear Crawl Event https://runsignup.com/roundhillbearcrawl

10/7 and 10/9- NNAT will be administered during Search class. A letter was sent home a few weeks ago. Additional information can be found on the Round Hill website under Search.

10/14- Columbus Day- no school

10/16- Movable Monday (Monday specials on Wednesday)

10/22- Code to the Future Showcase #1

10/23- Third Grade Field Trip- Morven Park

11/1- 3rd grade Fall Party 1pm

11/11- Veteran’s Day Assembly and 3rd Grade Performance- 9:00am