Weekly News 9/20

Posted by Emily Parker on 9/22/2019 6:45:00 PM

We are excited to wrap up another wonderful week in third grade. Make sure to check out important PTO Updates at the bottom on the email. Just a reminder that students should charge laptops each evening and bring them to school fully charged. We appreciate your help in setting up these routines.

Math- This week students deepened their understanding of place value while learning to compare numbers. Number talks have been powerful tools to deepen vocabulary and number sense. The more you can engage in these discussions with your child, the more than realize math isn't just sixty minutes of a school subkect. Ex: 182 > 112 Is this true? How do you know? Many students "just know" but struggle to explain why. Students articulating that they each have one in the hundreds place, but 182 has 8 tens which is more than 1 ten in the other number. Since 80/8 tens is more than 10/1 ten, 182 the larger number.

Reading and Writing Workshop- We are thankful to be wrapping up our DRA and PALs assessments in the next few days. This information will be shared during conferences. Students are building stamina while working on prediction and retelling skills. Students learned to take "big steps" through their story when talking about their book with a partner. The big focus in writing is using the voice of a storyteller voice instead of a news reporter. They are learning and practicing specific strategies to enhance these skills in their writing.

Word Study-  Students were assessed today and will receive new words on Monday. Thank you for reviewing words at home with your child.

Content- This week students began our citizenship unit by looking deeper into the Preamble of the Constitution. Students have learned about rights and responsibilities that come with being a citizen. We will continue to go deeper into citizenship next week.

Coding- The pole position games are coming along. Students have made their three tracks and are working to revise their code. Students are collaborating and helping each other with these challenging steps.

Important Dates and Info-

PTO-  All third grade teachers are excited to be teaching classes for our first ASEP program. Registration closes Monday. Please don't wait to sign up!

Bear Crawl- Today is the official kick off for the Bear Crawl. We hope to see all of you there. Sign up!

 Every Thursday- Wear your house color!

This week is also Bring Your Parent to PE week. We hope to see many of you there.