General Body Meeting Summary-10-15-2014


This month we met with Dr. Tyler, Director of Research and Superintendent, Dr. Williams. We discussed plans for LCPS, Equity, and the Gap.
Agenda Items
  • Opening & Welcome

  • Acknowledge LCPS Administrators, School Board members, Teachers, and Staff

  • Minutes- May and September

  • What is MSAAC?

  • Cluster report

  • “Excellence-Equity=Elite”

  • State of LCPS- Dr. Tyler

  • Conversation with Dr. Eric Williams- Superintendent

  • Events and Announcements

  • Wrap Up and Adjourn


  • Opened meeting with a welcome from MSAAC Chair

  • Representatives include LCPS Administration, Principals, Assistant Vice Principals, Teachers, School Board Members, and Parent/Delegates

Meeting Minutes

  • May and September meeting minutes presented to the General Body and approved into the record

Cluster Report

  • Heavy emphasis on Breast Cancer Awareness, PSAT/SAT prep, Homecoming Events, Big Rival Football games, upcoming 5K run, and charity events

Excellence - Equity = Elite, Chair Person, Zerell Johnson- Welch

  • Important to create equity for all children. Equity doesn’t mean equal.  And honor the difference and respect those differences. Our educators need to be equipped to teach to those differences.

  • Membership provided with an article to read. “We should not Kid Ourselves: Excellence Requires Equity- Bradley Scott. M.A,

  • Five Goals of Education Equity- first goal discussed this evening/ analyze the data.   

State of LCPS- Dr. Tyler

  • There are challenges, but we are well equipped to handle it

  • Parents/Audience was warned that the data will either confirm their thoughts or provide insight

  • What groups do you think of when you think of gaps in achievement?

    • At a point it becomes unacceptable and you have to start implementing different approaches that yield different outcomes.

    • Different outcomes are not acceptable for different students….it should be Equitable across the board

  • Slides

    • Chart 1 – new rigor testing but overall relatively high over the last 3 year.  Chart just had year over time…2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 proficiency

    • Chart 2 – LCPS continues to outperform other nearby Districts, PW, Fairfax, etc.

    • Chart 3 – Achievement by Student group

    • More clarity and obvious that ELL and Hispanics remain about 20-25% lower than Asian and White students

    • How are certain families/subgroups getting certain outcomes and what can other subgroups be doing differently to change the outcome

    • With proper instruction, all students can learn

    • We have a persistent gap

  • How to address the Gap/close the gap

    • Subtle opportunity or environmental gaps

    • Family factors and engaging learning environments

    • John Hattie study to provide extensive insight towards concentrated, persistent, and engage opportunities to close the gap

    • MSAAC will revisit this issue; membership was asked to select what factors they felt most contributed to the success of a student. Feeback  will be tabulated for discussion at the next meeting.

Conversation with Dr. Eric Williams- Superintendent

  • Are we doing our best at engaging, connecting, challenging, and supporting our students

  • Show’d picture of Dr. Williams connecting with student when he was a teacher in Connecticut

  • What do we need to engage all students

  • Change the course

  • What are we going to do

  • Are we doing our best at attracting, retaining, supporting, and recruiting teachers, that are responsible for leading our students. Do we have a diverse staff to meet our diverse student population?

  • Chair mentioned current efforts underway with MSAAC and Asst. SuperIntendent For Personnel Services, and Director  of Personnel,  Secondary (Dr. Hough and Dr. Asia Jones)

  • Recapped briefly meeting on Sept 30 and continued discussions with outcomes to follow

  • Vision 2020 – Strategic plan in process

    • MSAAC asked to be part of the plan

    • Commissioned at SB meeting on Tuesday

    • Shared and create an authentic plan

    • Have a plan that moves towards 2020 – Kindergarten to Graduation

  • What can parent do?

  • What deliberate actions is the District doing to recruit and retain and attract

  • Dr. Williams – being new didn’t overcommit before understanding the full  needs in LCPS-  however, he mentioned that it was just commissioned and they will likely pick 5 target areas, to build upon. He shared that  MSAAC should be part of the conversation and the development of such a plan.

  • Dr. Williams mentioned even though schools developed their SIP, the District 2020 Strategic Plan will draw parallels and connections.  This plan will engage, augment school’s SIP.

Announcements/Events- Vice Chair - Jamie Johnson

One Last Thing- Membership watch a short video- How to Help your student stay Organized.

Action Items

  • Parent/Delegates please download the meeting summary under the Meeting Summaries/ PowerPoint Presentations link on the web site and email to your principal and PTO- please wait a day or so for the summary to be posted

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