General Body Meeting Summary 3-19-2014


This meeting covered the Foster Care program of Loudoun County. The 20xx club presented their amazing results from Blue Ridge Middle School. Additionally, more updates regarding the Academic Achievement Fair.  

Talk About the Town

Cluster updates…
  • Stemmer Day, this Saturday at Liberty
  • Family Arts Night, at Harmony 6-9 PM
  • Grease Jr. at Stone Ridge
  • Regional Science Fair at Tuscarora on Saturday

Foster Care Presentation

  • Ms. Christine Carmouze, Foster Care Parent Trainer & Recruiter
  • 58 children in care in Loudoun County
  • 17 are in LCPS, others are not school age or in residential programs or outside of Loudoun County
  • More homes are needed in Loudoun, when the children are outside of Loudoun, they are away from their friends which can cause issues
  • Kids that are in foster care typically due to safety issues or instability in their homes
  • 1 or 2 transitions a year, this impacts the kids and the schools. The kids are hyper-alert about safety issues.
  • Foster kids of high school age are twice as likely to drop out
  • Socialization difficulties, learning at the same level as their peers drop
  • Teachers should be mindful of maintaining the students dignity by treating them like other students who are not in foster care
  • Often times the older students need guidance- a mentor
  • More information can be found at:

20xx Club Presentation

  • Principal & Dean, Blue Ridge Middle School
  • Creating a relationship to change a student’s mindset
  • Adopted at Eagle Ridge in 2005
  • For under-represented youth
  • College/career prep, mentorship
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
 MSAAC Elections and Nominating Committee- May; a nominating committee and committee chair has been created
  • Ray Bugnosen, Chairman, Legacy (
  • Kasey McFate, Lucketts
  • Andrea Bates, Lucketts
  • Andrea Jones, Liberty


  • GPS Fair, March 26. Dominion High School. 6:30 - 8:30 PM
  • Science and Engineering Festival, April 26 and 27, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC. Free of charge.
  • Relay for Life- May 17, NZone in Chantilly, VA


  • Loudoun County Foster Care and Adoption:
  • 15-20 minute presentation (created for educators caring for foster children)
  • Carol Dweck, book on Mindset: 
  • Loudoun County School Budget Updates: 
  • LEA Day of Action regarding the budget:
  • Arc of Loudoun- great resource for students with special needs-

Action Items

  • All of those interested in running for an MSACC Executive position please email your resume and position of interest to Ray Bugnosen at 
  • Parent/Delegates please download the meeting summary under the Meeting Summaries link on the web site and email to your principal and PTO 
  • Email the MSAAC Secretary at with your email address so that you can be added to the MSAAC email list
  • Stay up to date via: 
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