General Body Meeting Summary- 10-16-2013


The purpose of this meeting was to provide Cyber Bullying information and resources for parents and delegates. 

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is real in Loudoun County. There was a recent case of a child predator impersonating a child via a gaming console with internet access. Thankfully the child reached out to her guidance counselor after which the Sheriff's Department investigated.

Cyber Bullying Tips

TIP #1: if your student must have a phone don't get the data plan. Decrease their ability to connect without your oversight. They can connect to WiFi at home.
TIP#2: make the child’s profile private on social media sites
TIP #3: don't forget that their phone is YOUR phone. You bought it as a parent and are ultimately responsible for it

Cyber Bullying Resources

Meetings & Communication

MSAAC meets every month on the third Wednesday at the LCPS Administration building.
Every school in the LCPS should have a MSAAC representative. If your school does not have one please contact your PTO and ask for a representative. Each delegate is responsible for communicating what occurs at each meeting and being a resource for the school they represent. 


Upcoming Meeting

Wednesday, November 20; 7 to 9 PM 


Discussion Topics & Events

  • Some time in November the Loudoun County Sheriff's Department will begin their Internet Security classes
  • Academic Achievement Fair- planned for February 2014 
  • In 49 days, Bond vote to support new schools and school improvement to support the 6,000 new students in the area
  • Keep an eye out for upcoming community meetings to discuss the opening for the Superintendent position
  • Any questions regarding this report or have other items that you'd like to suggest email the MSAAC Secretary: