VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form (Rev 2017)

Not strictly required to join the NJROTC program, a current pre-sports participation physical is required for any cadet desiring to:
a) take part in certain co-curricular teams (fitness, drill, color guard, marksmanship and orienteering)
b) participate in the semi-annual cadet fitness challenge
c) participate in certain activities during field trips or military base orientation visits.
Physicals completed after May 1st are valid for the upcoming school year.  Copies will automatically be provided to the Athletic Office of any VHSL forms submitted for NJROTC students who desire to also participate in fall, winter or spring varsity sports.  All four parts of this form must be signed and filled in completely for it to be valid.  It is recommended that both this form and the Health Risk Screening Questionnaire be taken together to the doctor's office during your child's annual physical exam (ideally sometime between May 1st and July 30th) so that they can both be completed in time for new school year.
2018 VHSL.pdf, 1.2 MB; (Last Modified on June 2, 2019)