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Reporting an Absence

Whenever a student is absent from school (Distance Learning or Hybrid), documentation is required to verify the reason for absence.  When  your child is going to be absent from school, please choose one of the following options to report the absence.

Any absence not confirmed by the parent will be considered unexcused.  If the parent has not notified the school to verify the absence, the school will make a reasonable effort to call the parent to verify the day’s absence.


 Students will only be granted an exception if approved by the school principal. Temporary Remote Attendance Exceptions (TRAE) will only be approved for one week and parents/guardians must renew the request weekly using Permission Click.

Students who receive a TRAE must demonstrate participation, engagement, and commitment. If a student does not provide time sheets or evidence of work or participation in a timely manner, the student will be counted as absent.

Below are some reasons a student may be considered for a TRAE:

  • Students who do not have internet access.
  • Students who have limited internet access and are not able to attend daily scheduled synchronous learning time due to family hardship.

Exceptions will be approved for students with the following EXPECTATIONS:

  • Parents/Guardians must submit a time log demonstrating student engagement/participation to the teacher/admin on Mondays.
  • Students must submit all required assignments (if any) by the following Monday or first day of the school week.
  • Students must demonstrate engagement, participation, and completion of required work.
  • The parent/guardian may resubmit a request for TRAE weekly, using Permission Click.

If a student does not meet these expectations and is not providing evidence that he/she is engaged in learning, he/she will be marked absent and the student’s temporary exception may be denied by the school principal.

Parents seeking an excemption from the full time instruction schedule need to complete the linked waiver form for approval. Each submitted waiver will be reviewed by the school administration for approval. Families will be notified of their waiver status.


Waiver Request for Full Time Schedule