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Student Rights and Responsibilities


Loudoun County's School Board has the authority and responsibility to make

local regulations for the conduct of schools and for the proper discipline of students,

including their going to and returning from school. This authority and responsibility is

recognized as necessary for the maintenance of a school environment that is conducive

to learning, free of disruption and threat to persons and property, and supportive of the

rights of individuals. The School Board also recognizes its responsibility to assist and

encourage students to achieve self-discipline and become responsible citizens.


This booklet is a compilation of some of the most common rules and policies

governing students. A complete current copy of the “Loudoun County Public Schools

Policies and Regulations” is available online at Printed copies are available

as needed to persons who do not have Internet access.


The “Signature Form,” which will be provided by the school, must be

completed and returned to school with the student no later than September 2,

2016. Acknowledgement forms are also available through the ParentVUE site. The

optional “Opt-Out Form for Release of Directory Information to Military Recruiters” is

for high school students only and will be sent home with each high school student; it

should be returned to the student’s high school by September 2, 2016, if the parent/guardian

or student elects this option.