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Student Insurance Information

Dear Parents and Students:

LCPS receives reports of students who are accidentally injured while participating in school activities, including some serious injuries that require costly medical attention. The Procurement/Risk Management Office routinely receives calls from parents whose children are accidentally injured while participating in school activities and have no insurance coverage or have bills over-and-above what their insurance will pay. LCPS does not provide medical or accident insurance for students injured while participating in school activities. But we do provide voluntary purchase of student accident insurance through K&K Insurance. The insurance provided by K&K Insurance offers optional plans of coverage provided on an “excess basis” for accidental injuries that may occur during school activities or even around the clock, depending on the benefit option you choose. If you already have insurance coverage through another policy, the K&K Student Accident Plans pay benefits for those eligible expenses not paid by your primary insurance. If there is no other insurance available to you, the plans will provide coverage on a primary basis. Your voluntary enrollment in one of these plans should be carefully considered. For further details and to enroll in the K&K Student Accident Insurance coverage please go online to this link: or call 1-855-742-3135.


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