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Please let the front office know if you are moving out of Loudoun county or within Loudoun county this summer. 
-If you are moving within Loudoun County, please fill out a Change of Address form and either email it to or drop it off along with the required documentation listed on the form.  If your new address is no longer zoned to Sanders Corner, your student’s records will automatically be sent to their new school within Loudoun County once you turn your forms in and your address is updated.
-If you are moving outside of Loudoun County, please fill out a Withdrawal form and either email it to or drop it off in the front office.  Your child will be officially withdrawn at the end of this school year once you turn in your Withdrawal form and their new school requests your child’s records.
If you have any questions, please call Sanders Corner at 571-252-2250.
Click HERE for Change of Address Form or click HERE for Withdrawal form