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Need to buy a Charger?

These are two possible scenarios at which you may need to BUY a new Charger for your Chromebook 300e (NOTE: If you current charger is broken, you may get it repaired here):

1. You own one, but you cannot access it: Your charger is still in the school and you cannot get to it. While the schools are closed, you have no opportunity of retrieving your charger. The only option is to purchase a new one. The county WILL NOT give you a second charger at any time, not even temporarily.

2. Your charger is lost or missing and cannot be found: You MUST buy a new charger.


How to buy a new 300e Charger

At this time, you CANNOT buy a new Chromebook charger at any remote site. Only schools can accept money for them - remote sites are not setup to accept money.

You will need to purchase the charger on your own.

It must be a genuine Lenovo charger:

Lenovo 45W AC Power Adapter

Part #: 4X20M26252


DO NOT purchase a 3rd-party charger - It will void the warranty on the Chromebook!

Any 3rd-party charger turned in WILL NOT be accepted (you will be charged to purchase another Lenovo charger).



  • Purchase one through MySchoolBucks. Here is the linkWith this option the charger will be shipped directly to you!
  • Purchase one on your own. A search of the Part Number Lenovo 4X20M26252 will come up with hits.