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Common Sense Media

This year Meadowland is working with Common Sense Media to be a Digitally Certified School in Loudoun County. The purpose of the program  is to help students be successful in the world of technology. The site offers lessons and guidance to use media and technology wisely for learning in the 21st century.


Here at Meadowland we are introducing valuable information to students on how to become a good digital citizen in the community. During the morning show we are covering technology related topics. We covered daily tips throughout the school during Digital Citizenship week. We also incorporated an ABC Technology Vocabulary concept to share about projects and tech tools. In the library we are covering proper research and siting protocol. In grades two-five, we are gradually working toward safe stong passwords to help keep our identities and information more secure.

 “A digital citizen knows how to harness the power of technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly.”

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