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Transportation Information


New Information - Please Read Carefully! 

The Transportation Division has implemented a new incoming telephone call menu system.  The menu allows callers to connect to the Transportation Area that oversees their school.  Please see the following information about our new system.
For Parents to Contact Their Transportation Area:
The Transportation Division has implemented a new automated, menu driven call routing system.  Callers can select from a menu the specific Transportation Area that their school is in, to connect with a staff member assigned to that Area.
When a caller dials in to 571-252-1700 they will need to choose an option to reach the appropriate Transportation Area Call Center.  The five Transportation Areas (with their direct dial number) are:
  • East (571-252-1774)
  • Ashburn (571-252-1776)
  • Central (571-252-1775)
  • West (540-751-2580)
  • South (571-252-1777)
Callers can also go to the Transportation Division Contact webpage at the following link to see which Area their student’s school is in and call directly to the Area.
Callers will no longer go directly to Dispatch; the Area Call Center will direct or handle calls as necessary. 

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