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Spring 2018 Exhibition of Learning

HCA Spring Exhibition of Learning

Fractured Fairy Tales:

Classic stories retold with embedded Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs)


Students were instructed to demonstrate, through their rewriting and presentation of a classic fairy tale or other story, teacher-approved skills or knowledge they had mastered from the SOLs.  With these parameters in place, the scholars Explored various tales, chose one as a class, and then decided what format to use (songs, recitation, play, puppets, etc.).


They then Engaged with the story, planning out the script, blocking, props, costumes, etc. required.  And, finally, they Engineered the props, screens posters, costumes, and such, producing the actual shows.  All this was accomplished through the growth mindset, working collaboratively, learning from their mistakes and successes, to produce the performances provided at the Spring EOL event on April 27:


Three Billy Goats and the Habitat Adventure:  1st Grade

Mother Nature & the Seven Continents:  2nd Grade

Jack & the Beanstalk: Astro-Botanist All Grown Up:  Kindergarten & 3rd Grade

Robotic Rapunzel & Prince CPU:  4th Grade

Jabberwocky:  5th Grade