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HCA leads at VCEC

Virginia Children's Engineering Conference

Once again, our little HCA affected statewide education!  The majority of our teaching staff joined 850 other educators in the Virginia Children’s Engineering Conference in Roanoke, Virginia.  This time our twelve-member STEAM Team presented on five different topics, helping to lead Loudoun’s total of over 30 participants.  Taking this kind of clear leadership role in the Conference this year not only allowed our staff to be STEAM Ambassadors, but also highlighted the positive impact innovative public charter schools have on cutting-edge educational innovation.



Through presenting our knowledge, staff refined and honed their skills and expertise.  Teaching other adults about our unique programs helped solidify our goals and strategies for our scholars.  HCA is fully recognized as being in the forefront for quality 21st Century STEAM education, not just for Loudoun and the state of Virginia, but for the NATION! 


The five HCA-created and -facilitated workshops are described below: 


Workshop 1:  The Root of STEAM/E3/Inquiry Lessons Success presented by Wendy Dalton, Paula Dillon, Mara Morgan, Beth Fuller:  Use online portfolio to incorporating STEAM inquiry lessons, and PBL into core teaching using specialists who are vital to cross curricular lessons and student engagement. 


Workshop 2:  Explore! Engage! Engineer! Rockets, Robots, and Reality presented by Megan Tucker, Tiffany Miller, Julie Epstein, Darci Rampino, Paula Dillon, Stacie Kling, Mara Morgan, Miranda Meadows, Beth Fuller, Wendy Dalton, Addie Schafer:  EXPLORE Civil Air Patrol STEM/STEAM grants (Spheros, Bluebots, Model Rockets, Flight Simulators). Access ENGAGING K-6 grade SOL aligned curriculum and ENGINEER classroom STEAM solutions! 


Workshop 3:  Big A in STEAM presented by Addie Schafer, Wendy Dalton, Beth Fuller and Mara Morgan:  This workshop provides examples of incorporating the arts into STEAM-enriched curriculum. We will include visual and performative arts in units as well as one-off lessons. 


Workshop 4:  Beyond Four Walls: Exploring Modeling and Simulation presented by Miranda Meadows, Stacie Kling, Megan Tucker, Darci Rampino:  Bring curriculum alive with modeling and simulation. Explore the world of augmented and virtual reality in the classroom to amaze and engage your students. 


Workshop 5:  STEAM Dream Team - Co-teaching in the Classroom presented by Addie Schafer, Megan Tucker, Julie Epstein:  Learn teaching models for specialist push-in in the classroom; demonstrating ways to include multiple teachers.

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