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HCA presents at VCEC

The entire teaching staff of HCA participated in the Virginia Children’s Engineering Conference in Roanoke, Virginia.  Other participants were amazed that our school community made it a priority to support our staff by taking two days off school so everyone could go!


We had two workshops presented by HCA staff:  One on "Aviation Fascination" presented by Megan Tucker and another on Digital Portfolios and Using SeeSaw presented by Wendy Dalton and Miranda Meadows.  Megan was followed around after her presentation by a fan club wanting to learn more!



Our staff also learned new things, refined old things, and got rejuvenated to return to HCA, with energy to continue spreading their love of STEAM and Engineering!  All K-5 teachers went, as well as our Special Ed teacher, Counselor, Art, and STEAM teachers.

Here is the official website for the Virginia Children’s Engineering Council, the ones who put on this VCEC conference:


Workshop descriptions from the Program:


Aviation Fascination: Let STEAM Take Flight!

Megan Tucker

Take STEAM to the skies! Learn how to incorporate aerospace into your elementary classroom through NASA’s SOFIA program, Civil Air Patrol curriculum, songs, and more!


Connecting Parents with PBL and STEAM

Wendy Dalton and Miranda Meadows

Learn how to connect your parents to STEAM and PBL (Project- and Problem-Based Learning) through student-driven digital portfolios.