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Fall 2017 Exhibition of Learning

Hillsboro Charter Academy

First Biannual Exhibition of Learning

Friday, November 10, 2017

See the newspaper article from the Loudoun Times here!

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The “Exhibition of Learning” event is one of the best ways to get a “snapshot” of what is happening at Hillsboro Charter Academy—a world-class education taking place in a small, rural, community school environment. 

At these events, students show both the products of their learning as well as the process by which they learned it.  They show what they have learned in their classes through means such as “passion projects,” and other true Project Based Learning projects, ones wherein they solved real-world problems.  One example is when a child found out how to make non-dairy cheese (she is lactose-intolerant).  Another scholar, who was impatient as to the earning potential of the interest on his bank account, made 3-D projects on the printer to make more money.

                       3-D-2                     3-d-1

These events are designed to be community showcases—not just for parents and their children, but also the community as a whole—a means for us to present the unique and excellent learning that is taking place here!  Exhibitions are almost entirely student-led.  The scholars present everything, and they welcome the onlookers to their demonstrations.  They engage the audience though a variety of strategies from leading viewers through gallery walks as they pass by individual student presentations to “TED-talk” style presentations up front, to leading special activities such as guided Google goggle experiences.

                       Google goggles                         cooperative

This “process and product” approach goes beyond a typical science fair, which may just display end results, as it also allows participants to see the process behind those end results.