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Main Street Banking








You can learn about hard cash and soft skills at the bank.

That was the message on Wednesday, September 13th, as Main Street Bank opened a student branch at Hillsboro Charter Academy.

Main Street Bank Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer Jimmy Olevson coached the branch’s tellers on how to greet customers.


“Welcome to Main Street Bank. Can I help you?”


He also instructed the tellers to send customers back to class with more than a complimentary pencil and the free book “Be Smart, Save Money”, that was available to new customers.


“You’re giving receipts to everybody.”


Olevson, Assistant Vice President/Relationship Manager Melissa Prevatte and Vice President/Marketing Director Kelly Standiford were on hand to get the new branch up and running. (Fairfax-based Main Street has an office opening in Leesburg in the near future.)


The Hillsboro Charter Academy branch bank is the public aspect of a broader business partnership. The second Wednesday of each month will feature the branch bank. “They can come and do deposits, it’s a live branch. We do accept real cash and take it back and do a deposit in our office,” said Olevson.


The fourth Wednesday of each month will feature Main Street Bank employees coming to Hillsboro to conduct financial literacy programs. “This goes to budgeting, what credit is and how it can be good and how it can be maybe not so good… A lot of it centers around managing money, budgeting money, saving for things,” said Olevson.


After the branch bank closed for the morning, Loudoun County School Board member Jill Turgeon (Blue Ridge District) and Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Chief of Staff Michael Richards asked the student body about their initial foray into the world of high finance.


“What topic is this helping you learn about?” Turgeon asked the students.


“Math” was the most popular answer.


“Are you also learning some other skills?” Richards asked by way of follow-up. “All kinds of great skills can be learned at the bank.”


“Getting a pencil and book” and “How to save” were the responses. To which Richards added, “You learn how to interact with people. You learn how to communicate with people.”