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FHR NexTrex Challenge

This year the 2nd grade is doing a pretty cool project, actually we should say contest. We are collecting and recycling plastic bags, but we need EVERYONE to help.

The company Trex is sponsoring this program where they will turn the plastic bags into a bench for our school. However, we have to WIN first.

Each month we will weigh the bags and log it on the website. The first weigh in is November 15th and the winners will be announced on Earth Day. 


Below is a link to the program with more information and attached is a PDF file for you to download, print and keep handy so you know what items can be collected.

The only thing staff and students need to do is recycle the bags. Trex has already sent us the recycle bins. There will be one in the K/1 hallway, 2/3 hallway and 4/5 hallway. 

Print out Sheet